Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Can you believe this?

Check out this kid playing baseball. Is this amazing or what. I can't believe tomorrow is October. Kerwin came home on October 13th. Be watching for a big one-year anniversary post!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

And baby makes four!

...Five if you ask Kerwin because he counts the dog. Yes, we are expecting our second child. I am due around April 21st. I had my first OB appointment Thursday and everything looks good. I am feeling fine too. I am more tired than usual but I haven't really been sick at all.

Kerwin hasn't gotten into the whole baby thing yet. I think he is getting used to the idea but I don't think he will completely understand what's going on until closer to the time.

Kerwin had his first baseball game of the Fall league today. He played the whole game without his walker. He fell down a lot but he enjoyed the freedom. Rolgard and Erin are both helpers for his team so he is very excited about that.

For those of you who don't know who Rolgard is I should probably explain. When Kerwin lived in the orhpanage, Rolgard worked there in several capacities. He was kind of the guy in charge (made up the schedule, solved the problems those sorts of things). He also worked directly with the kids each day. American physical therapists and occupational therapists would come down on short term mission trips, work with the kids and then write treament plans for them. Rolgard would spend time with each kid implementing the plans that the therapists had written. The kids loved him. He gave them lots of one-on-one attention which they crave and he was the only male working there so he was kind of the father-figure for them all. So of course, Kerwin loved Rolgard. He was the only person Kerwin felt really attached to at the mission (in my opinion). Fast forward to this summer, Rolgard with the help of Erin, our friend we met last summer at the mission, has been accepted at Bluegrass Community and Technical College with plans to transfer to Jefferson Community College next year to take their Physcial Therapy Assistant program. This will allow him to work with special needs kids in the future with a background in physical therapy without having to go to school for 6 or more years. While he is attending BCTC he is living with my parents in their downstairs apartment. Kerwin has had a great time getting to hang out with Rolgard again. It is truly amazing that God has worked out all the details in this process.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Daddy and Kerwin being "silly".

I've been looking back at previous blogs to see what was going on a year ago. Last year today my mom arrived in Port-au-Prince to spend two weeks with. Apparently in the excitement I forgot to acknowledge my husband's birthday. So this year I want to be sure to do it right. Thank God this year we will all be together for it as well. My inlaws are coming down to visit today and we are going out with my parents to eat before the UK game which I am going to with the guys (except for Kerwin who is staying with the Grandmas).

I could never have asked for a better father for our son. How important it is for Kerwin to have a loving, present, and involved Daddy. I am so happy that we have taken this journey together. I love you, Honey!

For a special birthday post here is a list of the top 10 things Kerwin and Dad do together.

1) Play baseball, football, basketball, soccer, golf, and anything else you can do with a ball.

2) Go to CiCis Pizza.

3) Go to softball practice.

4) Watch UK football on TV. (Mike watches and Kerwin plays until they make a touchdown and then jumps around and celebrates).

5) Go to the playground.

6) Read books.

7) Do homework.

8) Kerwin helps Daddy do anything from coaching softball to pumping gas.

9) Get icecream. (Kerwin always gets vanilla).

10) Play games.