Thursday, October 29, 2009

Back to Blogging

Here are some recent pictures of the kids and I when we went out to LA to visit my sister.

With Abby now 6-months-old I find myself with more time for things like the computer, so I have been feeling the urge to pick the blogging back up again. We recently passed our two-year anniversary of bringing Kerwin home. I got nostalgic and went back to read many of my past blogs. It reminded me how much I loved having an online "diary" to help me remember things in the life of our family that I may otherwise forget with the passing of time. I think it will also be nice for the kids to be able to read when they get a little older.

So...quick update. Kerwin is in second grade. He is really liking his teacher and classmates and is improving his academic skills every day. He just finishd a season of baseball and football starts this weekend. He is walking mostly without his walker but still needs it in crowded places or for long distances. He still wears braces on his ankles and on his legs at night. His sign language is progressing wonderfully. He has long since passed us in his signing abilities. We are still taking classes but it has become a bit tougher with the baby. Speaking of the baby, she is as cute as can be. She is very social and loves to be outside or in busy places. She is a good baby and lots of fun. She is sitting up and tring to grab anything in her reach.

I took the kids out to Los Angeles to visit my sister on our Fall break. They were angels during our travels. It was a little harder once we got there and had to try to function with Abby still on Eastern time but we managed. We got to hang out with some old friends of mine from college which was great. I was so glad we got to see Rachel's new apartment. We also visited the Farmer's Market and Santa Monica pier. That's where the pictures were taken.

Kerwin has had 2 Halloween parties already and has 2 to go. I will try to post pictures after Trick or Treating but I'm having camera issues. Until then, enjoy my favorite season!!