Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Ice Storm 2009

School has been off here since Monday so Mike and I both have been off work. Kerwin's school technically never closes because they have residential students who are there on campus so the teachers have to come in for those kids. So Monday we drove Kerwin down to school since his bus wasn't running. He ended up having a good time. We came and visited his classroom for the last hour of the day. He was excited to have us there. We knew Tuesday would be worse weather-wise and it was so we all stayed home together all day yesterday and didn't go anywhere.

Well, last night during the first half of the UK game, we were all snuggled up on the couch under blankets watching the Cats lose to Ole Miss and then our lights flickered on and off several times and then went completely off. We had a feeling it might happen because we had seen the green glow of an electrical box blowing earlier in the evening and we had a heavy coat of ice on everything. So I had gotten the candle lighter out and ready and sure enough, we needed. So we lit every candle in the house and set about packing to head to the place were the power never goes out: my parents' house. Even in the great ice storm of 2003 when Mike and I lost power for 5 days, my parents' house was toasty and warm the whole time. Well just getting packed was a challenge and then getting our car de-iced all while sliding around on a skating rink and getting rained on. Plus Mike's started having really bad back pain yesterday so he is doing all this while barely able to move. So here are some pictures from the icy part.

We spent the night at my parents' house and got up this morning to find that even UK was closed today. So my mom took the day off and we all stayed home together. Then around 9:50 the second round of winter precipitation hit but this time it was big beautiful snowflakes. So here are pictures from the snowy part.

Check out the sled Kerwin is using. It was my dad's when he was a little boy. It actually worked pretty well because we had the right combination of ice covered by snow.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

When I Grow Up

On the way home from physical therapy, Kerwin began to tell me all the things that he was going to do when he grew up. He has recently been interested in how old Daddy is and talking about being 29. His ideas were so cute. I told him when we got home we should write his ideas down in a story. So this is what we came up with. I wrote the text below the pictures in case you can't read them.

When I am 29, the same age as Daddy, I will coach basketball. Mommy and Daddy will sit up in the stands and watch me coach and they will cheer. My job will be a teacher.

I will drive a red truck and my dog will sit in the back with the tailgate up. The red truck will be big. Also I will be a farmer. The farm will be close by. It will have horses, cows and cute baby horses, girls and boys. The cows wil be named JK and IK.

When I grow up, I will have a big bed to sleep in, a TV, a chair, a couch, and big shoes. I will visit Uncle Tyler and Aunt Rachel.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Harlem Globetrotters

Grandma and "Grandpa Fishing" got us tickets to see the Harlem Globetrotters for Christmas. We went tonight after Kerwin's basketball game. He really enjoyed the show and we had a great time. Thanks Mom and Dad!


Kerwin's basketball league started today. He has been talking about this for over a month. I'm so glad it is finally here and he had a great time. He made six baskets. He also had a great cheering section there. I know I've mentioned it before but it so worth saying again. We have such a great family! We wouldn't be the same without them.

Pre-game hamburger


Kerwin taking the ball to the hole

Kerwin's entourage

Kerwin and "Grandpa Red Car"

Orthopedic Checkup

Kerwin had an orthopedic checkup visit this week. Basically, the doctor said he was pleased with the progress and we would wait another 4 months before deciding to do another round of Botox or whatever. He did get a new pair of knee immobilizers to wear at night. He was a little bit excited about them which is a good thing because they are really annoying and he gets tired of wearing them. The good news is the doctor said if they just get to be too much for him we can have him wear on leg at a time and alternate each night. We took some pictures of them.


Christmas Pictures

Here's proof that we actually did celebrate Christmas this year. And since I have yet to take down my Christmas trees or decorations I figure it's not too late to post Christmas pictures.

Kerwin leading the stretches before a big game of Hot Hoops

Kerwin "blowing the wistle" to start the game

Kerwin consoling Daddy

Max's shades