Monday, May 19, 2008

Kerwin Running

I wanted to put up a video of Kerwin running with some kids at the UK baseball game. I have written about how well he was walking before the casts were on but I hadn't uploaded any video. Those of you who saw Kerwin in the orphanage will be amazed at his progress. And this is just his walking. I will have to put up some other video of him telling a story. He's signing so much now.

(I have no idea why this posted the video twice but it took forever to upload so I'm not messing with it.)

Doing better

I just read the previous post and it sounded like I was despairing. I guess I was a little. Well I just wanted to update everyone to thank you for the prayers and let you know that Kerwin is doing much better now with his casts. He is walking more normally now (albeit slower than before). His spirits are back up and he is more like his old self again.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Quick Update

Just a quick update on Kerwin's procedure. The day went great. He did wonderfully, the procedure went well and we were done by lunch time. While he was recovering a UK basketball player (Ramone Harris) came through the hospital and signed his cast.

Now we are dealing with the casts. Kerwin HATES them and wants them off and we have six more weeks. He is more sedentary and is crawling a lot. He walks really slowly when he actually walks. Most of the time he "bunny hops" with his walker rather than actually walking. I think it's just really hard for him to drag those casts around. I know he feel heavier when we pick him up. But he just isn't his old self and it is breaking our hearts. It would be better too if we could say we are 100% sure that this is what we should have done and it's definitely going to be worth it in the end but now I'm not even sure of that. Please, we would really appreciate your prayers for us in this time.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Another first

Okay this one is a weird one. Tonight was the first time in 11 months of being together that I cut Kerwin's toe nails. Due to his previous situation of no shoes, lots on concrete and lots of dragging the tops of his feet along the gravel and concrete, he had really stunted the growth of his toe nails and just had stubby little filed off nails. However, since he's been home, I have begun to notice growth. Tonight as I was putting his leg braces on for bed I realized that they (the nails) were very long and desperately needed cut. Hence, another first.

On a slightly more important note. Kerwin goes in for his Botox leg procedure tomorrow at Shriner's Hospital. He is very excited about it. I think we may have overplayed the coolness of the casts and underplayed the inconvenience of them a bit too much. I hope he is not disappointed when he realized what a pain they are going to be. I'll update more tomorrow after the procedure is over and we get home.

Also my grandma is coming in tomorrow from Pennsylvania. I am very excited about her staying with us for a few days.

More to come...