Friday, June 29, 2007

More pictures from today

Another full day

We don't really have any new news on the adoption process. We are continuing to get ready to go to Port-au-Prince on Tuesday. We will be leaving early in the morning and staying indefinitely.

Today was a good day. I will try to explain some of the pictures from today. One of the interpreters that works here is an excellent artist. We are having him paint a picture of Kerwin for us. I took a picture that shows the progress but I didn't post it because we want it to be a surprise for our family when we get home. So, you only get to see the artist at work. We also delivered food today and there are some pictures from downtown and the market. After delivering food, Kerwin and I got to go for a ride around town with Mike Grant on his four wheeler. Mike and his wife Teresa came in with us and are staying here as missionaries. We enjoyed the ride.

Last night we watched the US soccer team lose to Argentina in the America Cup. Kerwin helped me make brownies and then he served them to everyone. He had a blast: it was very sweet.

Kerwin is saying lots of cute things now with his sign language. Last night he said, "Mommy, water please." Kerwin wakes up slowly in the morning. One morning, Mike told him it was time to get up and he said, "No, it's time to sleep." This morning he told me to "turn off the lights," and rolled back over. His first attempt at a sentence was "Dinner eat time." He has changed so much since we got here even though it just seems like just yesterday.

The next group arrived today. They brought in a surprise present from sister. Thanks, Rachel. I will be cooking again this weekend. Hopefully my last.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

News, News!

I spoke with Barbara our contact in Port-au-Prince last night. She is going to try to get us an appointment with the USCIS for next week. We are planning to go to the capitol this coming Tuesday. We will stay with Barbara and take care of some business while we are there. Kerwin's birth parents will also be coming along because they need to go through an interview process. The Haitian paperwork is not complete so we do not know at this point if we will stay in Port-au-Prince until all of that is done and then leave from there, or if we will go back to St. Louis for a while and the return when everything is finished. It will all depend on what we find when we get there: how quickly is the process going, what are the accommodations and the environment like, etc.

Last night we talked with the man from the mission who arranges the flights. Today we spoke with Kerwin's birth mother and they are all set to come with us. They are probably going to stay here at the mission the night before as we may be leaving early in the morning and we would feel better knowing that they were already here. We bought a Haitian cell phone today. They are all prepaid phones here. With the phone and a 20 minute phone card we paid $150 Haitian which is a little over $20 American.

We are very excited but it is somewhat difficult now that the staff here knows that we are going. They will surely miss Kerwin even though they are happy for him. We will keep you posted as things change and I'm sure they will. I plan on talking with Barbara tomorrow to firm up travel plans and appointments. Please, please keep the prayers coming. We will need them as much as ever.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Banana Spiders and Downpours

Mike had a rather rude awakening the morning. I had been in the bathroom getting ready when out of the corner of my eye I saw a cockroach skitter from under the beds. I tried to get to it, but every time I moved toward it it ran back under the bed. I eventually lost it and gave up. I turned around to see a little spider on the wall next to me. I tried to smash it with my flip flop but it jumped away. Then I turn and in the corner of the wall and the ceiling I see it: the biggest spider I have ever seen that was not in captivity. I came to find out it is called a banana spider and it is apparently harmless. All I knew was that one of us needed to die and it wasn't me. So, I woke Mike up and informed him that he needed to get up and come kill the massive intruder. We got a chair to try to smack it but it had what appeared to be an egg sack and we were afraid that we would spray babies or eggs or something all over the place so I ran upstairs to quickly ask someone who lives here what it was and what was the best way to kill it. I was told that Raid would do the trick. So I came back with a can and Mike got in position. He started on the chair and immediately jumped off as the thing started to move down. After being sprayed, the spider jumped off the wall, onto the chair, went into the shower, and climbed up the wall. All the while, Mike is pursuing it with a constant shower of Raid (in between yelling and jumping back from it that is. Okay, Mike has corrected me. He was not yelling, I was yelling but he was jumping back quite a bit. Which he now informs me was to get in better position). Eventually, he sprayed it enough that it fell to the floor of the shower (which might have actually aided in expediting its death) and Mike washed it down he drain. And this was all before breakfast. Which was going to be pancakes but they were all gone by the time we got there. Fortunately, someone had given us a box of Pop Tarts yesterday so we ate those.

This afternoon we went out to deliver food just as the thunder was beginning. No sooner did we leave the gates when it began to rain. And the rain did not stop for the next few hours. We were soaked to the skin by the time we returned. I think Kerwin thought we were crazy. His friend, Justin, came along and he got to ride on his back for part of the trip.

Justin and the rest of this group leaves tomorrow at 4:30 am. We won't have to be alone for long, though. The next group comes in on Friday. There was a really cute couple from California that was in with this group and they got engaged today. It was really sweet. He is an artist and was painting a mural on the wall of the new Nutrition Center. The mural is finished and looks great. But we all just found out today that in the mural he has hidden the letters spelling "Will you marry me?" We were all very impressed. Well Mike has spotted the "cockroach that got away." I will go see if I can provide moral support.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

A visit from family

We mostly stayed around the mission today. Kerwin took a bath this morning and had a good time. He played Hungry, Hungry Hippos and Don't Break the Ice for the first time and loved them. Hungry, Hungry Hippos was great for practicing our counting. He's almost got all of the major colors now.

This afternoon was more exciting. Kerwin's birth mother came to visit which she does every week or so and this time she brought Kerwin's sister with her, whom I had never met before. Her name is Le' (pronounced Leah)and she if four years old. She is pictured above with Kerwin and alone. We only had an interpretor for a few minutes so that is all I learned. I told the mother that we still hadn't heard when we would be going to Port-au-Prince but I would let her know as soon as we found out. She and the birth father have to go with us to finalize the US portion of the adoption. We hung out for a while with the other kids from Heaven's Waiting Room. I also included some of their pictures as well.

Mary Julie is eating a mango from one of the trees at the mission. I have never been here during mango season so this is the first time I have experienced the mango craze. Everyday, the Heaven's Waiting Room kids come to sit outside under the trees and Rolgard, one of their caregivers, tries to knock down mangos from the trees to give to the kids. He's pretty good at it. He finds the ripe ones and then throws a ball up at them and they just fall down. People scramble for them when they fall. It is quite an ordeal. I have tried them and they are just so-so. They taste okay but they are really stringy and leave pieces between your teeth that require immediate dental floss. They're just not worth it to me so I would rather just let the ones who really like them have them.

It rained hard again tonight. One of the trips today had to be cancelled because of the road conditions and the height of the river (which you have to drive through). Tomorrow we will probably try to go out visiting again and I have a meeting in the morning with Kerwin's teachers and one of the missionaries to discuss starting a deaf ministry here at the mission. But more on that tommorrow. Have a great day.

Monday, June 25, 2007

A Full Day

Here are a lot of pictures from today. We had an eventful day. Mostly good but a little bad. Let's at least start with some good. This morning, Kerwin enjoyed playing after breakfast with his little buddy. We have posted a picture of the two of them together. He is usually good for an hour or so of free babysitting a day. Then I went to music class with Erin and we passed out the instruments to the kids. It was really neat. Erin got tons of donated instruments to give to the kids in the class. They are fifth and sixth-year students. She has flutes, clarinets, saxophones, trumpets, trombones, and drums. The kids learned how to put them together and take them apart. Wednesday and Thursday she will be seeing the kids in smaller groups to start playing the instruments.

After lunch, we went out visiting with one of the Haitian pastors, Pastor Fadino. Mike and I both really like him and enjoy going out to visit the people so we both went and took Kerwin with us on piggy back. This was a bit of a challenge because it was a bit more of a hike than the food run. We were going up the mountain and across some narrow little paths and over a stream. We visited two houses. The first was the home of a young woman who had been sick. She had a large tumor on her neck which was malignant. When we got to her house, we were told that she had died. Her mother and her son were both there and we prayed with them. The mother was very stoic at first when talking about her daughter; but after the prayer she began to cry.

Part way up to the first house, we stopped to rest for a minute. The house we stopped at was right next to a home with lots of people sitting outside. One of the little girls looked familiar and I realized that it was one of Kerwin's classmates, Kata. She is so sweet and so shy. She did talk with me a little and we got to take a picture of the two of them together. Kerwin seemed not to know what to think about the whole thing. He is usually very quiet and doesn't communicate much with us when we leave the campus. Every now and then he will point to something and name it like a goat or a kite.

The next person we visited was a lady whose house had burned down a week ago. She was living with family right next door to where all the rubble lay. Her mother had been burned in the fire and she was there in a brand new wheelchair that she had just received from the mission today. We were also able to pray for this woman and her family. Then, after we returned to the mission, the pastors were going to go back to her and give her some things to help her get back on her feet. The ladies in my Bible study had written me notes to open while I was down here. One of the notes included some money and had a note on it saying that she will be praying that God will show me a place where the money could be put to use. I was able to give that money to the pastor to take with him to the woman to help here start rebuilding her home. It was an exhausting trip physically and emotionally.

When we got back my hands were hurting so much and I was so frustrated with them being out of commission that I just sat and cried and then slept for a little while. (That was the bad part). Kerwin had fun though. When we got back we were all hot and nasty so we just threw him in the shower with Mike and he got to take his first shower. He thought it was a blast. Then this evening, the pharmacist found me a steroid cream that I am sure will help my hands heal. I had used the same one in the past and it had worked well but I was out of that medicine.

This evening it rained like it hasn't rained since we've been here. It felt wonderful to be cool for a little while. We actually put Kerwin's sweatshirt on him for the first time. Even though the wind feels great, the Haitian really suffer when it rains like this. Many of them live in houses that are not waterproof with dirt or cement floors. Many people will not sleep tonight because they cannot lie down. Please keep the Haitian people in your prayers as well. Some of the incline we went up today were nearly impossible to climb when it was dry. I can't even imagine trying to get somewhere with a muddy torrent to contend with.

We hope you enjoy the pictures. We enjoyed our day today.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

The US takes the cup

So, the US won the Gold Cup today for those of you who are not following US soccer. It was pretty exciting. I didn't get to see a whole lot of the game because I was supervising in the kitchen. I say supervising because of the nurses forbade me to wear gloves any more after she saw my hands and there is no way I could handle food without wearing gloves with the condition of my hands. Please, please pray for my poor hands. I am so miserable because of them. It started out as fungal infection, turned into a bacterial infection which is now cleared up but I have open sores all over my hands and they hurt at rest and especially if something touches them. It even hurts to pick up Kerwin and do sign language properly. I decided against posting a nasty picture of them on the blog. (You're welcome, Tyler). But, because I couldn't work in the kitchen I got about 8 ladies that volunteered to come help. We had a blast, laughing and talking and ended up getting done about a half hour early. And dinner was great. We made the biggest pot of chicken tortilla soup ever. There was even some left over which all the missionaries put in containers to take back to their houses. It was a big hit and so were the brownies.

Kerwin had a fun day today. He found another kite and tried to fly it with one of his little buddies that he's found. They were unsuccessful but they had fun trying. He is still making strides in his language. Today he correctly asked me "Where's Daddy?" and he demonstrated understanding of the concepts same and different. He is still working on his colors and understanding when we ask him questions. That is probably mostly our fault because in ASL you indicate you are asking a question by your facial expression and we are probably not expressive enough visually. I made little color flashcards and we've turned it into a game to see who can name the color first and then we count how many we've gotten at the end. He loves to watch Sports Center with his daddy and we've found he also likes American Gladiators. He imitates the events and then pretends to talk into the microphone during the little interview parts. Very cute!

Tomorrow should be fairly busy. I am going to help out in the music class in the morning. Mike will go out with the pastor in the afternoon to visit the new mothers and pray with them. Two weeks after someone gives birth at the birthing center, the mission tries to go out and find them just to make contact, make sure everything is okay, and pray with them. It's a really great opportunity to get out in the villages and see where and how people live. Then in the afternoon we will deliver food again.

Still no word on a return date. Keep the notes and prayers coming for us. They are so appreciated. Take care

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Internet is back

We have been without internet on and off for a few days. It's back, at least for the moment. We have been continuing to have a good time. Yesterday it rained during the afternoon and Kerwin had fun playing in the rain. In the morning he went to VBS and in the afternoon we hung out and played baseball. Oh, one more thing from yesterday. Kerwin decided yesterday morning to go down to Heaven's Waiting Room and play for a few minutes. He went straight in to the back and started going through toys. He played for about 15 minutes and then came out just as it was about time for VBS and he was ready to go. It was interesting though, that was the first time he had gone back down there since we got here. The ladies were happy to see him.

Today was the weekend, so it was back to the kitchen for me. Kerwin took a real bath this morning and he had fun playing basketball in the tub. This afternoon, right before dinner he got his hair cut. They guys said it cost 10 Haitian dollars which is about $1.50 American. We gave him 3 bucks. Kerwin's sign language is really coming along. He is doing better and better everyday.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

The US advances, but just barely

Here are some pictures from around the mission today and from Kerwin at VBS (coloring and playing volley ball). He did very well at VBS today. In fact, we had a really good day over all. He is learning to mind and he is a lot happier when he is not testing us on everything. He is improving his coloring skills: actually looking at the paper when he's coloring, not going crazy with the crayon, trying to color one object with one color, and he is making some progress on staying inside the lines but he still has a ways to go on that. He has been sitting with and watching the other kids coloring and has learned from them. He also made a basket with Mike's help. The story was about baby Moses in the basket.

He had quite a few babysitters today and had fun with them. Some of the younger teenage boys who are here were taking him for rides, swinging, and playing games with him. He also played more "hide and seek and run" with Mike.

Tonight we watched the US play Canada in the semifinals of the Gold Cup. It was intense. The US led the whole game. They were winning 2-0 at the half. Canada scored a goal midway through the second half; still not in bad shape. Then an American gets a red card and they have to play down a man. In the last minute of the stoppage time, a Canadian scores a goal but the official waves it off and calls offsides. On the replay, you can see that it shouldn't have been offsides and the goals should have counted sending the game to overtime. Never the less, we are on to the finals on Sunday. Enough with the sports reporting.

Thanks again for all the comments and emails. We are hoping to hear good news soon.

Some trust in chariots and some in horses, but we trust in the name of the LORD our God. Psalm 20:7

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Hot, homesick, but happy in Haiti

Here are a few pictures from today: Kerwin at VBS, Kerwin and daddy, and Kerwin cheesing after putting on his pajamas.

Today was a good day. We stayed fairly busy. Kerwin and Mike went to VBS, I stayed back and cleaned up our room, did some laundry and then read for about 30 minutes. I am reading a book that my mother-in-law loaned to me. It is a biography of Ruth Bell Graham. Which I now realize is rather timely. I just found out yesterday that she had died. Well, the book is great and I am really enjoying reading it. Thanks, mom.

We watched Toy Story as usual and did our stretches this afternoon. Mike and Kerwin played a very exciting game of hide and seek and run. It's almost like hide and seek only ther is no switching of roles. Mike always hide and then when Kerwin finds him, he laughs hysterically. Meanwhile, Mike gets up and runs and hides again. Repeat process.

We delivered food down in town today. Kerwin seems to tolerate this. I don't think it's his favorite thing to do, but he loves to look around and there is a lot to see. Tonight we taught him to play "Crazy Eights." He caught on pretty well and then got bored/sleepy. We'll have to try it again tomorrow. Hope you like the pictures.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Road trip!

By Mike: Today I took a road trip to the mission's orphanage in Port-de-Paix. It is about 12 miles away, but the trip can take anywhere from 45 to 90 minutes, depending on traffic (in the form of trucks, motorcycles, bikes, and donkeys), road conditions, and other factors. There were about 15-20 of us who piled into the back of a pickup truck and headed off. These trucks are known as "tap-taps" in Haiti. They serve as Haitian buses/taxis to transport people and are known as tap-taps because people tap the side of them if they want to get off. Anyway, eventually we reached the mission's orphanage. They are currently housing approximately 120-130 orphans there, which is pretty much capacity for them. Few of these kids are true orphans, some have one parent who have died, and others just have parents who are unable to care for them. There is an American couple who is in charge of the orphanage, and then there are five Haitian families who live there, each of which is responsible for about 25-30 children. We went to the orphanage and I got involved in a soccer game of 4 Americans vs. 4 Haitian children. Our goals were wooden benches that were maybe about 2 feet wide, barely big enough for the ball to fit through. Even so, I managed to score a couple goals. And then, I got the ball in the open field (or I should say "open gravel"), made a sweet move and completely juked a 5 year old boy, went to kick the ball, slipped and as I was falling, still managed to kick the ball, it was kind of a sideways bicycle kick, just missed the goal from about 30 feet out. Unfortunately, I skidded across the gravel and cut up my knee and my elbow. I was bleeding pretty badly, so they took me to the nurse's office and I got bandaged up. After that, we took the children to the beach to go swimming. Saying beach makes it sound like a nice place, but the beach is really pretty nasty. There's a lot of garbage lying around, a couple pigs just laying around, but the kids still have a good time there. The water is really beautiful once you get out a few feet. Since I was heavily bandaged, I was not able to swim, but just watched the kids enjoying themselves. Then we took the kids back, hung out for a little while, and headed back home to the mission. I enjoyed the experience and I definitely hope to bring our LCA team back to this orphanage on our trip next summer.

While I was gone, Becky hung out with Kerwin. One of the ladies on the trip is a physical therapist, so she worked with Kerwin today and showed Becky some stretches we can be doing with him to loosen up his muscles. After supper tonight, Kerwin scrounged through a supply closet where they keep extra toys (he does this fairly regularly) and found a pack of what were labeled "rocket balloons". Basically, you blow them up, then let go, and they fly around like crazy. Needless to say, he had a fun evening!

Hope everyone is doing well and we would like to hear from anyone who has been reading this and know how your summers are going!

Monday, June 18, 2007

Update and prayer request

Today was a long full day. I attended music class again with Erin,one of the interns. At 10:00 we went to VBS and stayed until lunch time. There were about 100 kids at the VBS. In the afternoon we rested and watched Toy Story 2. We played soccer around the mission for a while in the afternoon and went to deliver food down in the town again. After dinner, Mike and I played in a volleyball tournament. I will admit that it was probably the most unconventional volleyball tournament ever, but never the less, our team did win. We had very poor lighting, sketchy boundaries and several hazards like trees, walls, and bushes with thorns to contend with. Tomorrow a large part of the group will be leaving to go out to the Far West so it won't be quite as busy around the campus. We are looking forward to going to VBS several days this week. Tomorrow, Mike will be visiting the orphanage in Port-au-Paix. He has been checking out a lot of the different options available for ministry for when he leads the LCA group in next year.

We did want to ask for prayers. Our adoption process is currently waiting on Kerwin's Haitian passport to be processed and printed. We do not know the status of our application because of our liason being out of the country. However, we do know that the passport process for adopted children has all but ground to a halt. Please pray that the LEGALLY ADOPTED children will be able to get their passports so that they can go home with their parents. There are many like us who are waiting but many are not as lucky as us because they are not with their children. Please pray for this office to begin making quick progress with these adopted children's passports.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

More from today

I keep forgetting to mention this and I finally thought of it while I'm here in front of the computer. If anyone wants to check out the Northwest Haiti Christian Mission's website, they post pictures of what the groups are doing every day. Sometimes we show up on there as well. There were some pictures of us from the last trip that was in and there will be new ones posted every night now that the next group is here. The website is:

We had a full and wonderful day today. I'd say our spirits are a little lighter these last few days. Kerwin has been making good progress. He sat with me twice today for almost 45 minutes and worked in his sticker book and preschool work book. He is copying signs and learning concepts like colors, counting, matching, same/different, and coloring in/drawing lines. He really enjoys the sticker book. That's about all for today. Tomorrow the groups start doing VBS here at the mission so we will definitely be taking that in. Talk to you later.

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to everyone (especially our dads). There are three dads here at the mission. Mike, Mike (the missionary) and Janeil. I am making a special Father's Day cake for tonight's dinner. We had pizza for lunch today. It was no Papa John's but it was pizza-ish. We went to church this morning and there was children's church. Even during the sermon Kerwin was not grumpy and he sat up and looked around. More answered prayers. We are having a good Father's Day so far. We are getting ready to watch a movie and we expect the new group in a few hours. Keriwn sat for a long time this morning and worked on his sticker book with me. Dads, write us and let us know what you did for Father's Day.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

More cooking and soccer

I was back at it again today. It was biscuits and gravy in the morning, pigs in a blanket with green beans for lunch and tortilla soup with corn bread and applesauce for dinner. It is much easier to cook this weekend because we have so many more supplies. However, we have run out of salt which made a lot of things difficult. The tortilla soup was a big success and totally and experiment so that went well. Kerwin and Mike played with water guns again today. Kerwin also enjoyed playing Cariboo and looking at old pictures with one of the interns. She has pictures of a party that I set up for Kerwin's birthday. I couldn't be here at that time (February 18th is his birthday) but my friend was coming in to the mission at the beginning of March so I sent in a bunch of supplies to have a birthday party for him. Erin, the intern was here at the time so she had a lot of fun pictures from the party. Kerwin looked at them with her and named things in the pictures. He also enjoyed watching soccer today. The US team beat Panama. He has learned to say "missed" as in, he missed it, "soccer," "kick," and he puts his hands up in the air for GOOOOOAL. He also enjoyed running back and forth across the room between me and on of the interns. He also did a somersault on the carpet completely on his own. It was really cute. One more fun story from today. I am trying to teach him that not everything he finds should be picked up. We have been working on the words "trash" and "put that in the trash can." So today, I saw him on the ground messing with a dirty napkin that had been left behind. I gave him "the look" and he signed "trash" to me. I was very excited that he is getting the concept. It still doesn't keep him from examining the trash before he throws it away.

The next group comes in tomorrow. There are quite a few from Harrisburg, PA not far from where my extended family lives. There is also a group from Cincinnati and one from Georgia. There are about 30 people in all coming in. Tomorrow is church. One of the American missionaries is preaching tomorrow so at least we will know what's going on this week. Church is tough for Kerwin. It's hot and very boring. There was no children's church last Sunday. When I was here last, I taught children's church but nobody asked for volunteers this time. Pray for a good Sunday.

Friday, June 15, 2007

A few shots of us

Here are a few shots of us from the last few days. Kerwin had a good day today and has fallen right to sleep as usual. He worked some in his preschool workbook today and looked at a lot of pictures in his sticker book. He learned "pee" and "poop." He played with squirt guns for hours. He learned how to play Cariboo, one of my favorite preschool games. We have it at home but NeNe, Janeil and Heather's little girl, has it here at the mission. Tonight Kerwin took a real, fun bath for the first time. He has always been thrown in, thrown out and dried off. And where we are staying now, we don't have a bath we just have a shower so we have been sticking his feet in the sink and washing with a washcloth. It was fun to watch him in the tub. We threw in a few toys and things. At first it was like he didn't get it. He thought that maybe he had to wash the toys or something. I kept telling him to sit down and play. I think he was getting it toward the end. That's about it for today.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Much Better

Today was a much better day. Thanks everyone for the encouragement and the prayers. We could certainly feel them today. We had a fairly low key morning. We hung out for most of the morning in the Baby Orphanage. Kerwin likes it up there becuase they have a lot of new toys for him to peruse and there is a TV. We watched some DVD's and played some ball until lunch. In the afternoon we played even more ball and Kerwin did some activities from his preschool workbook. He was really proud of himself. He was matching colors and shapes and working the little mazes. He would get really excited when he would finish one. This afternoon, we took him with us and went to deliver food to the shut-ins in town. I had done this one or two times before but this was Mike's first time walking this route. You go down the mountain a bit from where the mission is right into down town St. Louis. From there you walk through the market and almost down to the beach and then come back again. It takes about 30 minutes but it is lightyears away from anything you've ever seen, smelled, or experienced before. I will try at some point to take pictures and post them but it's not fun to take your camera because you have to constantly turn down all the people who ask you for it or your watch or your earrings or your shoes. Kerwin was really interested throughout the whole walk. He looked around the whole time and would point to things he saw like goats and basketballs.

Tomorrow at 4:30 am the majority of the group is leaving. The only folks left will be us, the four interns, one missionary couple and the Haitian staff. It will be pretty quiet until the next group comes down on Sunday. One of the interns is a music education major and she is starting a band class with some of the fifth and sixth grade students from the school. I am going to try to help out with the group however I can. They are meeting three times a week over the summer in the mornings. I am going to go tomorrow and check it out.

Thanks again for the prayers. We are praying too and believing that God is who He says He is and He can do what He says He can do!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

rough day today

Today was a bit of a rough day. It rained today, Kerwin cried several times: over a ball he threw over the railing that we couldn't find, over a straw he found on the floor that we wouldn't let him keep, and over a hat that didn't belong to him, and the Haitian ladies put a raw fish in our freezer so now our water bottles stink and it tastes like we're drinking some form of flavored fish water. We both have kind of hit a wall and feel like we're ready to be back in America, which will not happen any time soon. So we appreciate your prayers for our attitudes and also for our dealing with Kerwin's behavior. We have included a couple happy pictures.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Mike is Well

I just wanted to write a quick note to let everyone know that Mike is doing much better today. Praise God! He woke up with no fever and has felt pretty good all day. He even played basketball this afternoon with some of the other Americans and some Haitians. To say the least, the game was a bit physical. Mike only sustained one minor cut to the face. Kerwin enjoyed watching the game. It's almost time for dinner. Gotta run.

Monday, June 11, 2007

some pictures

Here are some pictures from the last few days. Kerwin reading his book, playing, getting dressed, and me attempting to fix the kite.