Sunday, May 13, 2007

My First Post Ever!!

This is new territory for me. I am writing my first blog, ever. A friend of mine thought this might be a good way for us to keep people updated of the progress with our adoption and our trip while we are out of the country. As it stands now, we will be leaving on June 3rd and getting into Haiti on June 4th. We will stay a few weeks at the mission and then be going to Port-au-Prince to finalize the adoption. We are hoping to be back around the beginning of July. Pray that things will move quickly!!!


Anonymous said...

Becky, Mike and Kerwin,
I am so glad that Kerwin is bonding immediately. What an answer to prayer! Just enjoy your carefree hours with him these next few weeks. All is well at home and there is no need to rush back. We love hearing from you. I hope you can get your photos to work.
The dogs loved the hail storm we had last night. They stood watching out the front door and ran out after it was over and ate the ice balls. I'm glad your car is in the shop. I don't think they got the damage we did here. Our siding on the west side is chipped and our cars are dented badly. I need to call the insurance company tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Hey Becky and Mike,
Sounds to me like you are in a 3rd world country...I can spot them easily because of my trip to Romainia. The pictures on your blog are great and Kerwin looks happy.
Your mom is right about that bad storm. A lot of people lost trees.
I am going to Hilton Head with Dave's family. I leave Saturday. I had a bad day today. All my joints hurt, but I took an anti-inflamitory and am better. I overdid it on Wednesday! It's a pattern with me. Feel good--overdo--feel bad. You would think I would catch on.
Keep the reports comming and give Kerwin a squeeze for me!

Anonymous said...

My computer does not work properly in this blog site. I can't respond under the most recent dates. Rachel tried and she can't get it to work either. Oh well, I hope this works.
The picture in the mission web site was great. It has Kerwin in his new clothes with his shoes and socks on!!! Is he able to walk with the shoes on? Is he able to straighten out his toes? Have you started range of motion exercizes with him?
Today I got estimates from the "Dent Surgeon" on how much it will cost to repair our cars from the hail damage. This guy just pops out the dents so it will not need repainted. Both Rick's and mine are over $1,000.00 each. Rachel's is covered under our insurace but will have a $250 deductable. Hers will cost $575 to pop out the dents.
We are going to try to get the cash for Rachels and keep it of course.
Regarding the house, I can't get a contracter to return a call because they are all so booked up. With 3 counties sustaining damage they will have their hands full. We had two choices, get an estimate from a contractor and turn it in, or just turn it over to the insurance co. and they will send out their people. I'm going to turn it over to them.
Dad called me today from Keiv. He was worried about his beloved SUV. He is doing fine. He returns Sunday.
I had a nice dinner with Karen Jaeger at Johny Carino's last night. Rachel and Tyler joined us and since you were not there, I spilled my ice tea on Rachel instead. I'll be lucky if I ever get Karen to join us again.
I hope Mike is doing well. Kerwin looks so happy in the photos with his new Dad! I know he is going to be just fine with the adoption. God has surly answered our prayers. This time spent at the mission has a purpose. Gods timing is perfect. Make the best of these days. I'm off to Rincon, alone tonight. Give Kerwin a hug and kiss for me.