Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Good day in Haiti!

Hi everyone,

The LCA group went to Ansefoleur for VBS today and then we walked through a voodoo temple. We rode in the back of a pickup truck for about an hour. VBS there went really well and we had a good day. Many of the kids came back and played with the children in the baby orphanage and special needs orphanage this afternoon.

Yesterday we all rode a sailboat to Tortuga Island for a VBS there (only 1 person threw up on the boat). It was very hot over there, but the kids there seemed to enjoy our VBS.

Tomorrow we will be going to the mission's main orphanage in Port-de-Paix (about a 45 minute drive). Continue to keep us in your prayers.

Mike Haake

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Anonymous said...

We are enjoying your pictures from Haiti.It sounds like very busy days with VBS and traveling.
Quebec is beautiful.We keep you in out thoughts and prayers. Love,Mom