Saturday, December 13, 2008

Kerwin in the paper

Early on in our adoption process, a friend of ours from church, Andy Olsen, approached us to ask if he could write a story about Kerwin and our family. He was not sure exactly what would come of the article at the time. Andy followed us to Haiti last summer and has spent many hours with us documenting Kerwin's first year and a half with our family. Now Andy and his wife Erika are working for Northwest Haiti Christian Mision in various capacities. Tomorrow the article wil come out in the Lexington Herald-Leader. It will be a three-part series on the front page running Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday. So check it out if you can get the paper. If not, you can see the article at


Rebecca said...

Hi, I just read your article in the newpaper. We are also from Nicholasville. We adopted two boys from Ethiopia in July this year. Our youngest is 16 months old and he has Cerebral Palsy. We are wanting to begin an adoption from Haiti and would love to get some advice.

Rebecca Maas

Lisa said...

Loved the article!!! Can't wait to read tomorrow and Tuesday:)
God bless you all...
The Wells Family

The Rice Family said...

Wow. I just saw the link Mike put up on Facebook. What an amazing family you have!

Anonymous said...

Hi Rebecca, Mike and Kerwin:

A few weeks ago, I took a tour with the State Board of Education, and I happen to be President of the Kentucky Association of the Deaf and a Alumni of Kentucky School for the Deaf, currently reside in Lexington., I would like to meet or email you all to discuss different issues that you all may have about hearing impairments. I want to give you all some of my experince growing up with my deafness, and after reading the second part of your article. Hoping that you all not decide to Cochlear Implants. But, again that is your all decision. But, I want to give your some feedbacks. Thanks, Kevin Martin

Anonymous said...

I Googled you after reading the first two parts of the article. The article made me cry happy tears.
I can't wait to read part 3!
Good luck and congratulations!

Anonymous said...

Hey Becky,

I wish I was home so I could read the the articles in the physical paper as opposed to online, because the comments at the bottom anger me so much! I have managed to keep my mouth shut so far, but it has been tough. I do not understand how people can criticize an act of heroism while they sit comfortably in their living rooms. I guess if you don't know God, you can't understand what it is to be called by God. I haven't opened my big mouth YET but I think Tyler is putting them in their place.

No matter what anyone else says, you know that your family is incredibly proud of you. I am honored to call you my sister and just like when we were kids I want to be just like you! Please don't go back to T-Shirt pony tails and slap-bracelets.

I miss the three of you so much! Give Kerwin a kiss for me! Make sure that he knows its from me so he'll roll his eyes big time.

Love you,

rhaake said...

What's you email? I'd be happy to get in touch.


P.S. I think you'll learn a lot more about Kerwin and our decisions regarding him in Part 3 of the article.

Samhaiti said...

I am so glad to read this article! God bless you for your heart! I am so glad to have met you! So if you know anyone else who needs translations be done please let them know that I can help. My blog is

Say sakpase to your son and congratulations to your upcoming baby!


Anonymous said...

Hi Rebecca:

Sorry for not getting back to you all fast enough... It is

I just want to give you all my experince as growing up with my deafness, how I was treated by the public back in the 70's compared to today...