Monday, November 16, 2009

Busy Weekend and Annual Review

We had a wonderful but busy time this weekend. My cousin plays basketball at Lehigh University and her team was playing two games in Nashville this weekend. Additionally, UK (football) played against Vandy Saturday afternoon which was just icing on the cake. A whole host of Haakes and other family members descended on Nashville for a weekend full of fun and sporting events. We ended up 2 and 1 for the weekend. Lehigh beat Lipscomb by a decent margin, UK squeaked by Vandy and then Lehigh lost to Vandy on Sunday. My grandma flew in from Pennsylvania Thursday evening and is staying with us through Thanksgiving. It is wonderful to have her here in addition to my regular host of helpers.

Abby is absolutely adorable right now. She is scooting around backwards (she hasn't quite figured out the forward crawl yet) and trying to figure out how to go from crawling to sitting and back again. She's starting to babble (dada and teetee) and blows lots of raspberries. She also loves to hear herself yell. She is still fascinated with her wrists and does the "princess wave" all the time. She is just a joy to us all. Kerwin continues to have a good year at school. I am so impressed with his teacher this year. She is very no-nonsense. She lets the kids know exactly what is expected of them and she holds them to it. The first week of school Kerwin came home quoting the teacher: "Tina says, 'No socializing, pay attention to the teacher.'" He is making good progress in both his reading and math. Today was his annual review for his Individualized Education Program. It was hard to believe that we are on his third IEP. He has come so far in such a short amount of time.

Mike continues to be busy with taking a good deal of the responsibilities with Kerwin, teaching, coaching softball and leading a high school group on an annual mission trip to Haiti. I am working 2-3 days a week in a preschool. This is my third year there and I love my job. But I am always ready to rush home to the baby after work. It's stressful being a working(and breastfeeding) mom even if it is only part time. Mike and I have found the transition from 1 to 2 kids to be a very big one. As always we are so thankful for our supportive families. Until next time...

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Chapter Two Manmi said...

It's nice to see you blogging again. Your family is just adorable and I enjoyed your updates. Wow...your daughter is six months already? And Kerwin home 2 years? Life is faster when kids arrive. At least, it seems so to me.