Monday, February 11, 2008

Haiti Reunion Weekend

This weekend we (Mike, Kerwin, my sister Rachel, and I) went to Lafayette, IN for a reunion with other family connected to Haiti through adoption. Many of the kids, like Kerwin, were adopted through Barbara Walker and Reach Out to Haiti (see the picture above). Other kids were adopted thought other orphanages and some families are still in the process of adoption. We spent the night Friday and then got up Saturday morning and spent the day at the indoor water park. Kerwin had a great time. He was so excited to see his friend David as well as Barbara and Lawanna. He enjoyed the water park for the most part. However, it was a little bit cold so he was shivering most of the day. He loved the hot tub but I kept making him get out of it because I was afraid his little organs were going to get cooked. That evening we went out as a group to eat dinner. Kerwin had a great time sitting with some of the boys after dinner. Then we headed for home and got in late Saturday night.

On a medical note, Kerwin had his first eye exam and passed with flying colors. It's so nice to have a medical evaluation that does not require a follow-up (at least not for 3-5 years). As far as his legs are concerned, we are waiting for him to have a Botox procedure but the earliest we can get in is May 7th. So for now, we are continuing with exercises and wearing his braces.

Coming soon...birthday parties (plural)!!! Stay tuned.


stephanie garcia said...

Are the reunions always held in Lafayette? We live close enough to there when in the States to hopefully attend one while on furlough, if that's the case! (Of course, we have to adopt our child/ren yet!)

rhaake said...

I'm not the one to ask (try Lori at but I think there is one in Indiana 2x a year. I also have heard Barb talk about one in the northwest as well, maybe Washington. This was only our first one. Hope you can join us in August.


jackie said...

I stumbled across your blog. I don't think I saw you guys at the reunion (we arrived Sat afternoon and stayed until Sunday). I have 2 kids-Makenley and Ella. What interested me was the botox-Makenley has been receiving botox injections in his arm, leg and hands every few months for the last couple of years. Nice to meet you!