Tuesday, February 26, 2008

More Birthday!

Here are some pictures from Kerwin's other birthday party. We brought the kids home with us from school, played games at the house, and then went out for pizza and cake. One of Kerwin's little friends was sick and didn't get to come so we only had three kids in all. At times I felt like I was herding cats. I would get one paying attention and engaged and the other would be wandering off. One little guy kept getting up and sitting down with other people at the restaurant. Luckily we had a pretty good adult-to-child ration at all times. We had a good time but I was exhausted. Luckily, we only have to do this kind of thing once a year. I can't believe Kerwin is seven already. When we started the process of adopting him he was only five. Five still seemed young. Seven feels like he is growing up too fast. (And I'm starting to think of myself as old too!)

Kerwin's sing language is coming along very well. He is able to communicate a really wide range of things now. He is also becoming a really good little artist. He can draw objects and people that are recognizable and have a lot of detail. Tomorrow he goes for a private speech-language evaluation. I am interested to see what they say at this place. The do not do sign language at this facility but are all oral. While Kerwin's first language will always be ASL, I would love for him to be able to communicate orally and with sign. However, this will not be easy for him to pick up. It will take a lot of work. Now, I still want him to continue to learn ASL as quickly as possible so that he can get caught up with his peers in the area of language.

It's getting late and the week is still not even half over yet so I've got to get to bed. I hate getting out of rest at the beginning of the week. Soon I want to post some video of Kerwin reading. He is learning quite a few sight words and is able to read some simple books from school. Check back soon!

Just some cute pictures...

Birthday party pictures...


Anonymous said...

Man, my nephew is cute.


Tyler said...

I'm really looking forward to you guys coming out.

I told Rachel this, and I don't know if she mentioned it to you. But I can't get over how much bigger Kerwin looks in the recent photos. That boy is growing up too fast. Tell him to stop if you don't mind.

Won't be long till I'm back home. I'll see you then!

Anonymous said...

Haven't seen you guys in along time. It is so good to see smiles, grins, birthday parties and fun times! The years do fly by! Enjoy each moment!
Happy Birthday Kerwin!
Sounds like things are progressing very well for all of you! :>) Being busy and tired is all a part of being a parent. That's another sign that you really care and love your child!

love you all
Karen and Don