Wednesday, April 2, 2008

First Day of Vacation

I've been trying to update the blog for days here but our internet connection has been spotty. It seems to be working really well right now so I'll try to post quickly. In the morning, Mike and I went to a taping of the Price is Right. We waited a long time outside in the cold (yes it was cold and I was way under prepared for it). We got there around 8:30 for a 1:15 taping. It was fun and possibly worth the wait just to be there and say we did it. We didn't get picked to be on the show. We decided you had to be either crazy, old, or in the military to have a really chance of getting on the show. Plus being in a really large group and being one of the above really helps your chances. There is a lot more I could write about the experience but it would go on forever. If there's anything particular anyone wants to know just let me know. Mike's parents and Kerwin went out for breakfast,to a museum and then down to the Graman's Chinese Theater. Then they came and picked us up. We went out for a late lunch/early supper, made a quick stop off at our hotel and then went out to see a Dodgers game. Kerwin had a blast at the game. He got a new pair of sunglasses and a baseball. We split a Dodger Dog and talked a lot about the game. I think Kerwin is starting to get a feel for the rules of baseball. We headed back to the hotel exhausted and fell into bed.

Here are some pictures from Tuesday. The first is of Kerwin's injury. He fell here in the hotel room and took a big chunk out of the inside of his cheek. So our first vacation picture is of his boo boo. The rest are from the baseball game. Enjoy!

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