Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Success at Last!

I tried for a long time to get vacation pictures and video up but it just wasn't working with our computer. So I got frustrated and just stopped trying altogether. But Mike assured me that things were working better now. And it appears he is right. This is a video of Kerwin on the kiddie roller coaster at Disney. I think it speaks for itself. The rest of the day was a blast as well. Uncle Tyler got to come with us and everyone had a great time. Kerwin was so well behaved. I was reminded of this as I watched a 10 year old through the biggest tantrum I have ever seen in the middle of the park. The child just laid down on the sidewalk and cried and screamed and kicked. Anyway, Kerwin walked around the entire park all day long and didn't get tired till it was just about time to go. We also got to go to the front of the line because Kerwin was on his walker. All the Disney folks were so nice. I give them major props. It was almost magical. I have to admit I got a little sentimental as I stood there in the dark, holding my son, in Disneyland, with Tinkerbell and fireworks flying over out heads, Cinderella' castle in front of us, piped Disney music in my ears, and the narrator talking about how are dreams come true. I don't know about dreams, but our God is Truth! I am still amazed on a near daily basis how He has brought our family together. He is good all the time!

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Erin said...

These are awesome! i can not stop watching that video. It doesnt look like I will be home this weekend. Not enough time and gas is too high! I will try to come to the game on the 17th since I will be home from school for good.