Tuesday, October 14, 2008

One Year Anniversary!

So here is our one year anniversary post as promised. Tomorrow Kerwin will have his second Botox injection procedure for his legs. Thankfully, this time he does not have to be casted following the procedure. We are hopeful that the results will be as good as the result of the previous injection which really helped his walking.

But in celebration of all the wonderful events of the last year, I will provide a year (or so) in review through pictures.

Kerwin at 2 years old
Our first family picture - October 2006
Barbara Walker - Miracle Worker
Summer in Haiti 2007
Grandpa Red Car visits
Aunt Rachel visits
Grandma Green Car visits
Kerwin gets his visa!!!!
Kerwin's first day at home.
We all watch as UK beats #1 ranked LSU
Second family picture
First Halloween
First Christmas
Seventh birthday
Spring break in California
Kerwin at summer hippotherapy
Vacation at the Outer Banks
Kerwin and Rolgard at the ball field

Well there's a quick trip through the last year or so. Of course there is tons that I left out. We are just so thankful that God has allowed us to be Kerwin's parents and we are so thankful for all the blessings we've received in the last year and a half. We have had INCREDIBLE support from family and friends. We have experienced bonding with Kerwin like we could have never hoped for. Kerwin has made great strides physically, emotionally, developmentally, and academically. And we have grown in faith and in numberous other ways over the past several months. Thanks to everyone who is reading this blog and who has cared about our family through this season of our lives.


Lisa said...

What an AWESOME post....thanks for sharing:)

brenda said...

Well Happy Anniversary to you all!!
When are you coming North again?
:) Blane and Brenda

Anonymous said...

Can't believe it's been a year already but when I see "your lives" in pictures, it's more than amazing to see God working out His purpose in your family! What a blessing it is to see His rescue of Kerwin and how He is blessing the three of you.....soon to be 4!
Love and prayers for His continued protection and care,

Anonymous said...

It is overwhelming to see all the changes that have occurred over the year. God's hand has been in each one. I enjoyed seeing all the Swigert women at FFF the other day. You all are so much fun and a constant encouragement in my life.
Blessings, Marcia

Chapter Two Manmi said...

Happy one year home!! I found your blog somehow (don't even remember how) while you were spending that summer in Haiti. I was desperate for my children as it had been nearly a three-year adoption journey for us by then. I so much enjoyed following along as you started your life together with your son in Haiti (I remember school lessons too and a big spider or bug). Anyway, we've never met in person but it's been a joy to meet you through the blogosphere. Oh, and Barbara Walker came to our aid in unbelievable ways. Maybe we'll meet someday at one of the reunions of her "kids."
God bless you!

Anonymous said...

God is good and I'm so blessed by being able to see His hand in your precious family these past couple of years. I remember when I first heard the prayer request in Bible study. How I miss you sweet friend! It's a joy to be able to continue to keep up through your blog now that we are in Texas. Keep sharing. I am thrilled to know that Kerwin will soon be a big brother! Blessings on all of you! Debbie B.