Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Pictures from the pumpkin patch

Here are some shots from our trip to the pumpkin patch on Friday afternoon. Kerwin gets done with school at 1:00 every Friday. Mike was on fall break and I was off work that day so we took the afternoon and went to an orchard about an hour from our house. It was such a beautiful afternoon and we had such a good time. We picked tons of apples (Jonagold) which I didn't even know if they were for eating or cooking but they have been great for both. I've made two apple pies already (my first attempt at this) and they turned out pretty good. I am thinking about tackling applesauce next. Kerwin loved the play area. They had huge slides, a corn maze, a rope maze, John Deere big wheels, a swing set, a dirt climbing mountain, and "rat race." Enjoy the photos!


Chapter Two Manmi said...

Oh wow! He has grown so much since those pictures of you together at the Visa Lodge. He looks like he's doing so well; so healthy; so handsome. Yeah!!

Anonymous said...

Hey! I'm waiting for the 1 year anniversary post that was promised. I think Tyler and I are going to mail you a disk with all the pictures from our trip. Too many to email!