Friday, April 3, 2009

Quick Kerwin Story

Kerwin has continued to change, grow, and challenge us since the last time we blogged. But here is a cute story about how much he is learning. Because American Sign Language is not just English put to hand movements, it is a separate language with it's own syntax (sentence structure), it is difficult for deaf children to learn to read becuase they have to learn an entirely new language. So at school, Kerwin is learning ASL for communicating and English for reading/writing. He is learning how to write sentences with all thouse little words like articles and helping verbs. The other day, he got out of the shower and was putting on his clothes and looked at me with his look how smart I am look and signed: "" It was so cute. I praised him for making such a good English sentence and then correted his grammar. He is very proud of himself for learning so much. And so are his mom and dad!

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