Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Adoption Prayer Request

I talked today with friends of ours who are also adopting from Haiti. When they began their adoption, they were told that there was a birth mother who had given the child up for adoption and that there was no father in the picture. Now they are hearing rumors that the birth father is back in the picture and he is not willing that the little girl should be adopted. To their knowledge the father has had no contact with the girl in years. They are obviously very upset with this news because it could certainly slow or stop their adoption process for a period of time. Their orphanage will continue to work with the lawyer to process their adoption till such a time as these rumors are confirmed or denied and then they will proceed appropriately from there. They are continuing to believe that God will bring to completion the work that He has called their family to. They are asking that many would join with them in praying that God will unite their family soon and that the enemy would not be allowed to interfere with their adoption process. Please join me in praying for Chris and Lisa (mom and dad) and Gigi (their daughter).


Anonymous said...

Will do! God answered all our prayers for your family, He'll do the same for your friends! Will hold them close!

Wonderful news on Kerwin! God Bless you all! ~Deb~

Dinah said...

I just saw the pictures from the pumpkin patch. Make sure you all take him to Southern Lights. I don't know if you all have gone inside the Pavillion at Southern Lights but there is a petting zoo with camels! They also have model trains inside. Be sure to put that on a list of things to do. Don't forget the Children's Museum.

Anonymous said...

What a blessed little boy! & a blessed family for that matter!! How exciting to see how God is blessing each of you in so many ways!! I can't wait to see what his reaction is to snow!! :) & I was super excited to see that you already took him to one of the greatest places ever . . you're so on top of it . . Keeneland! I mean who would've thought he'd become a true KY boy so fast!

Shannon MM

Lisa said...

Thank you for the prayers. Hopefully we will have good news soon.
In Christ,

Anonymous said...

Would you mind if I used a couple of pictures of Kerwin for a presentation in public speaking?

Shannon Marshall

rhaake said...

No problem.