Friday, October 5, 2007

Christopher Stinkin' Columbus

Well after my little fit this morning, things took yet another disappointing turn for the worse. We found out that because all of our papers did not make it to the Consulate until mid-morning today, there was no way for them to be able to process them in time to give us a next business day appointment. We also found out that Monday is Columbus Day which we typically could not care less about. However, now it means that we will not get a visa appointment until at least Wednesday. So I had a slight pity party this afternoon. But I have now (in the words of my mother) "readjusted my happy cap" and am back to my normal self again. We had dinner tonight with our friends the Yoders and we are planning a really fun day with them tomorrow with lots of good food which can always make me happy. We are going to go to the Montana for lunch and then in the evening we are going to watch a baseball playoff game in our room. Jackie has offered to make soup and bring it over to eat while we watch the game (and you know about me and my soup). Sunday is church and then just a few more days and I'll be home.

I am beginning to plan things for when I get home. I have rescheduled Kerwin's medical appointments. I need a day just to go through mail and put the house back in order. I have a list of about four or five restaurants I am dying to go to. I am also excited about being able to make my own meals again when I feel like it. I just this week really reached the point where nothing at the restaurant here sounds any good to me. And I am really excited about going to my first UK footbal game of the season. Unfortunately they are no longer the undefeated Kentucky Wildcats but I'll be happy to see them none the less. I am really looking forward to getting things packed up here. Then it will seem real. I am planning at this point on trying to hope a plane the same day that we get the passport. I think it's possible. We'll spend the night in Miami and then get home earlier the next day rather than late at night.

Our friends from Scotland left for home today. We are so happy for them. They have been waiting so long. Hopefully we will be in the air soon as well. Wishing everyone a good weekend...


Anonymous said...

Well, I thought your rants have been quit reserved. I've heard and probably said worse things about the haitian way of life. (I too will adopt the lowercase spelling of haiti.) Although it seems like your patience is thin, you have handled this hole ordeal with such grace and more patience than I could ever muster up. Remember the day when we couldn't hardly eat our meal because of all the men harassing us. I couldn't believe how calmly and nicely you handled it. I was ready to punch the one guy in the face. By the way I have now been taught (by my pastor, mind you) how to flip the bird in haiti. Fortunately I was not privy to this information before I went down.

I went out with Alexa tonight. We had a good time. We went to Applebbe's and did the pumpkin craft I told you about. They turned out great. I found fish bowls that were just the perfect size. Then Mom and Dad took us for ice cream. Then we played a couple rounds of the dice game. I had the best luck ever. I was trying to loose and could even mess up. I won both times and felt bad about it. She went out first on the second game but I came from behind and passed her up on my final turn. I kept rolling to try to loose all my points, but I couldn't lose! Considering she only has the math skills of a second grader, we told her it was a tie.

Ok, this is getting very long. I hope you guys have a fun weekend. I'm getting very excited about seeing you all again. I hope you get your meeting with the visa people soon. I've never liked that Christopher Columbus guy, anyway. What did he ever do for us? Love you guys. I'll be praying for you as always.


ChatterboxLS. said...

readjust your happy cap - i think i'll start using that with our kids!!

Anonymous said...

Becky, as to pity parties, you are in good company. Remember Elijah's famous pity party. I am hoping and believing along with you. God bless y'all. (a little bit of KY) Marcia Burgess