Monday, October 1, 2007

Swimming in the Rain

Our excitement for today came in the afternoon. We began by heading up to the pool to swim. I had some emails to make and Kerwin was thouroughly bored in the pool by himself. Then the three little girls came up to swim as it was getting really cloudy. Shortly after that it began to rain. Just as it did another family with an adopted little girl came up to swim. Nobody really was sure if we were going to get in or not because it was really beginning to pour. But there was no thunder and no lightning so I thought we might as well swim since we were getting wet anyway. So I jumped in and all the kids followed. Then all the parents got in. So we were all out there swimming in the rain. We had just finished laughing about how this process makes you crazy and there we all were looking the part. And you can't just say it was the crazy Americans because there were Brits and Canadians in the pool as well.

We are starting social studies lessons in school. We are learning about oountries, looking at them on a map and making the flags. We started with Haiti and the United States today. Tomorrow, I think we will learn about Mexico since that's my favorite kind of food and probably the first one Kerwin will try when we get home. It's very important that this kid learn what fajitas are. They are a staple in this family.

Our papers are in Immigration (Haitian) right now and we are supposed to get our passport tomorrow. After that, I'm told it takes 3-9 days to get the approval from the US Immigration to the Consulate where they print the visa. Please pray for three days.

Countdown to Daddy coming: 2 days! Kerwin has learned how to say (speak) Dada for the occasion.


Anonymous said...

On our last day at St. Simons this year, it was pouring and since we had yet to get "the" yearly family beach picture, we headed off to the beach and took the picture standing in the waves and the raining pouring down! Kids thought it was great and I'm sure they'll always remember it..... just like Kerwin will remember your swimming afternoon.

Father, I humbly ask You to do what it takes so that all 3 Haakes can return home at the same time, before Mike has to get back for work.Please provide the passport and visa right on time. Stand against any further delays of any kind. I know without any doubt that You are more than able to accomplish this. You are the God who spoke the world into being. You are the God by whose power Your Son was resurrected and today sits at Your right hand. We are trusting You for these final 2 obstacles. Do it Lord, to bring glory and honor to Your name.

We'll pray tomorrow at Bible study.

Anonymous said...

Just a big AMEN to Pam's prayer. Love you and cannot wait till you are home.

ChatterboxLS. said...

becky - so you're saying from the time you got out of MOI until you can leave will be about a week & a half? - is this correct in how i'm thinking - if i could ask you to be praying for my parents (you met my mother when she flew in with your father in law denny) as they've been in IBESR for 6+m & it's really taking a tole on my father especially (he's not the most patient person) - thanks ahead of time


Anonymous said...


Just to let you know, I read your blog everyday and keep praying you will get home soon. It has been like a soap opera, I can't wait to log in the next day to see if you have received any news. I am so excited that it will end for you soon, but will miss your daily writing. Please come and see us when you get a chance.

Penny Hughes
Community Action Council
Carlisle, KY

Anonymous said...

Yea! Praise the Lord. Becky, I had been out of town over the weekend and just got caught up on your blog. Wow. Such great news! Isn't God Good? Some day, I'm sure you'll look back on this period of your life and come to a full understanding of God's plan. "Now I know in part; then I shall know fully..." (1 Corinthians 13:12) Believing God that we will see you soon...three days would be ideal. Hum...Funny how God does some pretty miraculous things in 3 days!
Jodi Boyd

Anonymous said...

Yaaaahoooo! Soon and very soon you will be back home! We couldn't be more thrilled and excited for you all! We join Pam in her prayer to please finalize the process & bring you 3 home together and all for His glory. What a special treat it will be for Mike to hear Kerwin say Dada.
We will see you soon!

love ya
Karen and Don