Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Saying Goodbye

Today has been a bit of a rough day emotionally. This morning right after breakfast we had to say goodbye to Mike. Kerwin was very upset that he was leaving again and I could not convince him that it was only for a few days this time. So we looked at the calendar and his adoption book and I tried to explain how it was all going to fit in timewise. Then we went swimming for a while because I wanted to enjoy what I hope is my last sunny day by the pool. It's been so overcast here recently, especially in the afternoon, so we swam first and had school in the afternoon today. Kerwin actually did really well with school today. His dad took over with school while he was here and I think it helped to have a different teacher working on slightly different things. His handwriting was the most improved.

Secondly, I've been on edge all day about the visa interview. We found out this morning before Mike left that we were scheduled for the appointment for tomorrow morning but there was a document that did not make it from the US immigration office up to the Consulate. It's always something. So, I waited all day to see if the appointment was going to be cancelled because of that. No call came. When I did talk with Barb she said we are going in there tomorrow no matter what. So, I am now preparing for what could be either an extremely good day, an extremely bad day, or an "okay" day. The extremely good day would include us getting our visa and getting out of the country on one of two flights leaving tomorrow afternoon/evening. Then we would fly the rest of the way home on Thursday. An extremely bad day would include us not getting the visa tomorrow for some unknown reason. A okay day would be us getting the visa but not making it onto a flight tomorrow and having to wait until Thursday to leave the country. So, please pray that we get that visa tomorrow.

This evening we had another nice dinner with the Yoders. The boys said goodbye in case we do not see eachother again tomorrow. I don't think Kerwin quite understood that this could the big goodbye for a while but he was still a little emotional after they left. I think he is kind of spent already and tomorrow will be a big day no matter what.

We are going to prepare to leave tomorrow and I'm going to try to get some sleep. I don't know how successful I will be. We are so close now and I am as nervous as ever. We could be saying goodbye to Haiti for a long time.


ChatterboxLS. said...

gosh becky, i'm tearing up just reading your post - i want you to all go home so badly as you've been there so long, but saying goodbye to haiti for me's always been hard (although i've never been there as long as you have) - praying for you all to get the news you want tomorrow


Kristin said...

Good Luck with the Visa appointment! Make sure you ask if they had a Happy Columbus Day! : ) Hopefully you will be on a flight tomorrow and if nothing else, get to stay in a different hotel tomorrow! That can only mean you are closer to home. See you soon!

Anonymous said...

I wrote a note to you and was ready to send it to you when Max crawed under the desk, got caught in the cord, and yanked my key board around. By the time I got him out, your note have disappeared and I don't if it got posted or erased. Anyhow, I was trying to explain that you made a typo in the blog. It should have read that a paper did NOT make it to the next office.
I am glad I was not there to see Mike leave. You would have had to deal with two crying kids. Poor Kerwin. But I am so glad that he loves his daddy so much. Those two are like peas in a pod. It's just wonderful how God has worked out his perfect plan for your lives.
See you soon!!!!

Anonymous said...

Kneeling with you in prayer!

Debbie Brownlow

Anonymous said...

Praying hard . . not only for your return but for your heavy hearts!

Love you all! :)

Shannon Marshall

Anonymous said...

Well, us Beth girls all prayed for you tonight and will keep on keeping on! Our God iw Ha-Shem, THE NAME above all names, and El Roi, the God Who Sees. He is Jehovah Jirah and you can count on Him for everything you need, like sweet peace and patience. Look at Dan.2:21-23. Remember how Daniel says that "God reveals deep and hidden things; He knows what lies in darkness and light dwells with Him. I thank and praise You, O God of my fathers: You have given me wisdom and power, You have made known to me what we asked of you..."

Heavenly Father,
We are all so excited as the day draws closer for Becky and Kerwin to leave Haiti. Glorify Yourself by making it crystal clear that it is by Your power and might that it has come to be. And we're thanking you in advance for how You have given wisdom and power as You have revealed deep and hidden things that are under your authority. Provide a safe and protected departure and travel mercies for our dear friends. In Jesus' name.

Waiting with you with prayers and love,

Anonymous said...

At what point do you think you'll take Kerwin back to visit Haiti?

PS212 Fall 2007 said...

Praying for you all tomorrow. I am sure the emotional rollercoaster is daunting, but God can and will bring the three of you through this.

Anonymous said...

Becky, who is that with you this morning in the fiery furnace? It is the One who promised, "Lo, I am with you always." You are surrounded, too, by all of us who are blessed by knowing you. We are joined in heart and in and faith. Marcia Burgess