Saturday, October 13, 2007

The best week of my life

Not only did Kerwin go to his first UK football game today. It just happened to be one of the greatest wins in the school's history. I was so excited just to be at the game today I almost cried. Then to actually knock of the number one team in the country, it was almost too much to take.

We had fun before the game. We played around the house this morning and went by Mike's office to pick up some papers. Kerwin had a great time running around the empty wide hallways in the school. Then we went over to my parents' for a big pre-game lunch. Kerwin enjoyed exploring the grandparents house. He got a fishing pole and hat from my dad and a really cool water gun from Rachel and Tyler (my sister and her husband).

We are off to bed for another big day tomorrow: church in the morning and fishing in the afternoon. We wanted to get out on the boat before it got too cold. It should be another fun day. I am looking forward to the coming week when we don't have quite as many activities planned. All day I just kept marveling at the fact that we are home, we are all together and WE BEAT LSU!!!


Angela said...

Go UK!!! Awesome game. I'm a big UK fan too. How cool that you were there. I bet that was amazing!! I got your blog from Lisa. I live in Evansville, IN and we are adopting our 2 precious children from Haiti. I'm originally from Georgetown and my family is still there. We visit often. I would love for our kids to meet and have that community. Feel free to check out my blog at

Anonymous said...

Kerwin must be one awesome fan to cheer the CATS to a VICTORY like that!! YAYA!!! Sooo glad you got to be there for it!!


Anonymous said...

Welcome home! I know you are thrilled and relieved beyond words to have your family safely home. And what a thrill to experience UK's victory as part of your homecoming. It has been such a blessing to follow your journey. Your family has been such an inspiration. I'm sure Kerwin will continue to progress in his new environment. God is so good!
T. Jennings

tc said...

hello, I'm Teresa Cooper. I"m the caregiver for Rachel's mother and father inlaw. I had the privlage of meeting Kerwin last weekend. He is such a wonderful and happy child. May God bless you all and all that you do for this sweet boy.

Anonymous said...

Great webpage and pictures. I am glad Kerwin is enjoying the UK games. That last one was exciting! Hope you are all well.
Love you,