Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Together again!

Mike arrived without incident. He was actually early and waiting by the road when we drove up. This airport pickup is getting easier and easier each time someone comes down. But I am still glad that this will be the last time we have to do it. Mike and Kerwin had a very sweet (and active) reunion. They played about a half of a football game in the room and then we went up to dinner. Kerwin also got some new clothes, toys, and a backpack to put them in. (See pictures above) I didn't get any posed pictures of the two together because they wouldn't hold still long enough. We had dinner with the Yoders. They have been such great friends to us and we are making plans to stay in touch and try to get together again sometime in the future.

We got good news today but right at the end of the day. The passport is printed but we don't have it in hand yet. Since we didn't find this out till the very end of the day it was too late to get an appointment scheduled for the visa. Barb is sending an email tonight so hopefully it will be addressed first thing tomorrow. It would be wonderful to get the interview by the end of the week but we may have to wait until next week. I am much happier to wait now that we are all together again. Thanks for all the emails and notes. I can't wait to see many of you again soon and for you to get to meet Kerwin.

Oh, by the way, the girls that Kerwin likes to play with here at the hotel now have their passports, visas, and hope to be heading home Friday if all goes well with getting their transit visas to travel through the US on their way to Scottland. We have also enjoyed having them here as the kids have played together and the adults have commiserated together. We are so glad that they are getting to go home soon too!


Anonymous said...

Praising God for the three of you together again and the ball rolling so quickly to get you all home! Love, Deb & Abby

Lindsay said...

I'm happy to see he's already a UK fan! :)

Anonymous said...

Hello all,
Glad Mike made it safely. Tyler had a good night at work tonight. He made a bunch of money, of all things on a Wednesday?? Go figure!
Terry next door gave me some friendship bread and the started batter. I will hang onto it for a while and make some when you get back. It's pretty good. I'm so glad you are coming home I am finding it hard to think about anything else.
Have fun together and I am praying for your return to be swift and easy.
Love you all,

Anonymous said...

Celebrating with you that Mike is there and you are together again!

Debbie Brownlow

Anonymous said...

A sad night for the CATS but I'm sure you had fun keeping up with the game....together!

Just waiting for the final good news and praising God for His mercy and power over everything, especially in the unseen world.