Thursday, September 27, 2007

And more nothing

Another day and the same story. We are still waiting on tomorrow. I'm somewhat discouraged and somewhat just numb. I always brace myself for the worst. I don't know if that's the best way to live everyday but it's what I've been doing to protect myself emotionally.

Kerwin had a nice time swimming today. School was a bit of a struggle. We've had kind of a strange week with school and I think he had a hard time getting back into it. We managed somehow. We are really looking forward to Mike coming down now. Less than one week! Yeah!


Anonymous said...

Don't give up and don't loose hope, God's gonna win this battle and your tomorrow will come! We pray for you many times a day, you will get home and we pray it's next week so all three of you can travel home together!

~Deb & Abby~

Anonymous said...

Becky and Kerwin,
Tonight our small ensemble sang for a WW II verterans reunion dinner. I was afraid it would be dull and a waste of our time but I figured we needed to be charitable. I am pleased to report that we had a blast and the audience was one of the best I've ever sung to.

We performed tunes from the 30's and 40's and they loved it. Sometimes they sang along. Sometimes they were clapping to the music and they laughed at all the appropiate times.
On the last number, (Anchors Away) they stood up and clapped through the entire song and then stayed standing for a standing ovation.

We all had such a good time.
I always say that even if we never sang in front of an audience, I would be happy just attending practice because I simply love to sing, but I have to say that when the audience loves it to, it is more fun.

Sorry about your same old tune, "Tomorrow" but eventually the right tomorrow will come. Today I recieved some wonderful books from Amy Hogue. They are ASL instructional books and wow you are right. The sentence structuring is very very different.

She also told me about a friend of hers who lives in Wilmore. She is an ASL instructor at EKU. She gave me her name and email address. So you can get in touch when you get back if you want to.

Pete's ears are bothering him again. I just can't get them cleared up. Do not give that diflucan away. I will use it for Pete when you return.

I have a 7:00AM meeting on Monday morning with my new position. It is our first Lung Cancer Conference. I have a lot of details to work out tomorrow so I may be getting out late tomorrow night. I am not sure how much time this will take each week or how the salary issues will work out. As my time will benifit many departments it will not be fair that my entire salary comes out of the radiation therapy budget. I'll let Jeff work that out later when I decide if this is something I will want to continue doing long term. Also we don't know if the lung cancer conferences will be well attended and worth while.

Well I've got to go and medicate Pete's ear and Rachel has just discovered a mass on his throat. It is probably goiter which means he will need more medicines. Oh no! He is like an old car that is costing us a fortune to keep it on the road.

Max's ears look fine. I checked them out yesterday. Did you know that Max loves dried beef gravey? Don't worry, he just had a taste. But I do believe he is still growing. He is just getting more heavy bodied, not fat. His actual head and shoulders are bigger. You will notice a difference when you get back I'm sure. He even seems taller.

Gotta go. Give Kerwin a kiss for me. Love your both lots! Mom

Anonymous said...

Becky, discouragement is no stranger to any of us. That is why the Lord throughout Scripture continually gives us encouragement like Paul in Philippians 4:4-9. Keep believing. Marcia Burgess

Anonymous said...

Dear Becky,
Didn't realize y'all have a blog till last Sunday! Have been praying and keeping up on the latest thru your mom and prayer sheet of church though!!! Soooo believe that God has just the right plan to see this thru... His time and His plan!!! We will trust Him right along with you!!!
Mean while, I am asking God to help you make lemonade out of the lemons!!!!:)...while singing 'Tomorrow! Tomorrow' with JOY!!!:) :) :) :) :)
take care!!
Eva Tsang.