Friday, September 21, 2007

Last few days with Grandma

We've had a interesting time the last few days. Yesterday, we went down to MOI in the morning to plead our case with no result. Then we went out with Barbara to the West of Port-au-Prince. She did business and we were there to sight see. It was quite interesting because I had never been out that direction before. There towns seemed rather quaint compared to Port-au-Prince. They had more of the older-style architecture mixed in with the newer cement block buildings. However, whether old or new, all the building look like they are in decay. We were exhausted when the day was over. We rode for about six hours.

This evening we went over to Barbara's village for the evening. Mom got to take the tour of the village and Lawanna cooked for us. VEGETABLE SOUP! I was so excited. I've already mentioned how much I love soup and we haven't had a lot of vegetables here at the hotel restaurant. I've been drinking V8 juice to substitute for fresh veggies. Mom got to pass out the goody bags that she brought for the kids in Barbara's village. I can't believe that she has been here over two weeks. The days seem to pass quickly for me now. We have made some progress on the paperwork while she was here but not the progress we would have liked. Hopefully we will have good news next week about MOI. Mom leaves tomorrow morning. We will be on our own until we leave for home or Mike comes down October 3rd: whatever comes first.

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