Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Still waiting

Yesterday the story was: "It is signed and will go up to Immigration today or tomorrow." Today the story was: "It is signed and will go up to Immigration today or tomorrow." So we are still waiting. I am beginning to get excited about Mike coming down. One week now. I am hoping he will come down and we'll turn right back around and leave with him. It will be nice to go home with him as we had originally planned.

Kerwin had a great day today. He enjoyed playing with the little girls that are staying here. This morning we played outside behind their room. They have a nice big grassy area there and the kids played out there and on their back porch. They served us cookies and tea. They actually had Snickerdoodles that they had found at the Caribbean market. They were not nearly as good has homemade but they were somewhat like home. Then we went back and had school. After school we invited the girls over to our room to do some crafts. We painted with watercolors, used rubber stamps, and made bead jewelry. Then Kerwin sat down in the afternoon and watched a movie. He chose Benji which really surprised me because we put it in one time a long while back and it was pretty boring. He lost interest pretty quickly. This time I put it on the "Return of Benji" and he must have really been interested because he sat and hardly moved for the whole movie. This is really rare for him. He's usually up moving around and comes back to watch every now and then. I did some laundry and he didn't even look at me for an hour and a half. Then we went up for a swim. The girls were up at the pool. They swam for a while and then they got out and started playing a new game. Kerwin has become very independent the last few days wanting to do a lot for himself. So he was up walking around by himself. The girls started to follow him and it turned into follow the leader. Where he went, they went. When he fell, they fell. When he got up, they got up. It was really cute.

Hoping tomorrow will bring different news. Thanks so much for all the prayers and encouragement. They mean so much to us.

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