Sunday, September 16, 2007

The good guys win!

So after I got kicked off the internet last night, I went back to the room and watched for updates about the game. I couldn't believe that the University of Kentucky held on for the victory against our in-state rivals, University of Louisville. Kerwin thought his mom was going crazy. So, I had to get him out of bed and explain that we won. He already points out the "UK" emblem on anything we have and he likes to say that "UK is our team."

Today we are going to church with the Yoders. I am very excited. I haven't been to an English-speaking church in close to four months. Then we are going over to their house for lunch. Should be fun.


Anonymous said...

You got an early start to the day doing this post!!

I imagine your worship today was especially sweet and full of praise for the One who is holding your lives together and giving you His peace and hope.

From Beth's intro talk:
Goals of the study:
1) What can we know and imagine about John?
2) What does he want us to know about Christ?
3) It's all about the heart.

Jesus is the lover of the lame and the ultimate destroyer of shame.

To prove her point, she instructed us to put down our pens after the first question and for the rest of the lecture to sit and ask God to penetrate our heart, not just impact our intellect. Very powerful and a good object lesson.

We miss you....

Anonymous said...

Great pictures! Bob & I, & Dara & Bill went to the Penn State v. Buffalo game Sat. afternoon. It was a perfect football day. We were a bit chilly sitting high in the stands almost to the top row. The game was great & we had a nice day. The traffic to the games is still atrocious. We made it to our seats with about 4 minutes to spare before kick off. Getting home was just as bad. We continue to pray for you. Your grandma says she is coming down in October, if you don't come home by then. We hope she doesn't have to make the trip. May the Lord continue to bless your time with Kerwin as you wait to return home.