Monday, September 17, 2007

Bad head day?

Well Kerwin fell out of bed and bumped his head last night. He cried for a few seconds and then we was right back to sleep. He used to fall out of bed every night but hadn't done it in the last few months. We used to keep an extra mattress below his bed but we thought he had gotten used to it because he hadn't fallen in so long. Today, when school was finished he went to get up from his chair. He pushed back from the desk with his feet and pushed the chair right over backward and hit his head again. I think he was much more scared than hurt this time.

Then it was time to cut his hair. I had been debating whether to cut his hair or not for a while now. I originally liked it short but as it grew I started to like that too. But recently, it's gotten really damaged looking and brittle from all the sun and chlorine. Plus he always has something stuck in it and he hates to brush it out. So the Yoders loaned us their clippers and we went to town. Kerwin was excited about getting his hair cut. He liked it when we were done. I think I did okay for my first time with the clippers. I posted an after picture (the one with him yawning). The picture with the hat and scarf is not to cover up his hair. Kerwin just enjoys wearing them. While I've been here I have been knitting just to have something tangible to bring home to show for all the time I've spent. So far I've made a scarf for Kerwin, one for my sister, I'm working on one for my mom, and I made a hat from a Baby knits book that my mom brought me. Kerwin really liked the hat and it almost fits him so I made him a scarf to go with it and I will make him a slightly larger hat next.

I found out last night that Mike was thinking of coming down for a visit over his fall break and by this morning he already had the tickets booked. I am very excited. He is going to get to stay for five days and got a good deal on the tickets. I haven't told Kerwin yet because it's still a few weeks off. Maybe we will be fortunate enough to get to go home together. I still have my mom here until Saturday.

Yesterday was a really nice day. We went to an English-speaking church in the morning and went over to the Yoder's for the afternoon. The church met on a school campus. The service was held in a building that reminded me of a church camp meeting room. There were more Haitians than Americans or Canadians and the place was nearly packed. The music is contemporary. There is typically children's church but it was cancelled that day because the children's church worker was unable to make it to church. She lives up in the mountains and her road had washed away in the rainstorm the night before. After church we went to the Yoder's for lunch. It was wonderful. It was so nice to be in a home again. Even though they don't feel like it is much of a home (before they moved in it was an uninhabited mission house). It had everything you needed to get the feeling of home: home-cooked food, kids playing in their room, sitting around the kitchen table talking and playing games. It dawned on me while we were there that this was really the first time Kerwin had ever been over to someones house as a guest. Watching in their house like that gave me a glimpse of what it would be like to have him in our home. I almost cried right there in their kitchen. He did so well. He sat at the table like a little angel. He asked nicely for things. He gobbled up his soup and asked for more. This a very good sign because I make soup a lot. If he likes that, he'll be set. I've always liked soup ever since I was a kid. My mom used to pack me a Thermos of soup in my lunchbox rather than a sandwich.

Tomorrow we suposed to hear about our documents in the Ministry of Justice. We are hoping for the best.


Anonymous said...

Kerwin's hat and scarf look great! Good job with the knitting. I was also taking notice to all the new art work on the wall. They look good too. I'm so glad you all had such a great time with the Yoders.

Lisa said...

Hope to read good news tomorrow!
I will be praying for you:)

Anonymous said...

Great with the hair! Good enough to put up a barber pole. It's Tuesday, Becky, so special thoughts and special prayers for you all. We look forward to having you studying with us. Marcia Burgess