Tuesday, September 4, 2007

School Days

We were back to school yesterday and today. I decided to have school on Labor Day. We had already missed several days over the last few weeks. We learned about muscial instruments today. Kerwin also did quite a few activity pages from some of the books Rachel brought him. He really was enjoying them. My favorite was the one on the picture. He had to follow the code to color in the gum balls. He really picked up on the code thing and we worked on coloring inside the lines. We had so much fun playing in the room today (more pipe cleaner tennis)that he didn't even want to go up and swim. So, I was glad when we got a call from Jackie, a missionary that we met here at the hotel, saying that her family was here to swim and eat dinner. This motivated Kerwin to go up and go swimming because Jackie and Steve have two little boys and one right around Kerwin's age. They have only been in the country for about 6 weeks so they are still getting adjusted to living here. They have been coming up to the restaurant to eat about once a week and we have been talking with them when they come up. So, today the kids played together in the pool and we enjoyed eating together with them. Tomorrow they are going to pick us up and take us to the Caribbean Market and the bakery for lunch. I'm very excited. It's nice to get out but really nice to have friends here. Especially now that the other adoptive families have left the hotel. I think another family just arrived today. I have just seen them up at the restaurant for the first time.

Our papers did not come out of the Ministry of Justice today as "promised." Pray that tomorrow will be the day. On a positive note, files are continuing to come out of MOI. This is great news for lots of families.


Anonymous said...

We continue to lift you up in prayer. You are so upbeat and positive about the progress and job of others. God will win and you too will have papers in hand. Prayers too for your mom's safe travels to Haiti.


Anonymous said...

Oops joy of others!

Anonymous said...

We, the kids in Algebra II, continue to pray for Kerwin and hope that he will be able to come home soon!!

Anonymous said...

The pictures are great and Kerwin and his buddies look happy. I am glad that their parents were there and you could talk to them. When Jo and I were in Romainia we wished more people spoke English. We had some troubling experiences when we did not know what people were saying! I know we should have learned their language but we did not know we would spend 4 days alone in Bucharest. We thought we would be with Monica and Joel the whole time. To tell you the truth, I don't even know what the official language of Romania is. I am one of those Americans that Europeans hate! :)

I am praying that Nena will arrive safely and return home with you and Kerwin. Maybe your mom can "sweet talk" Or "whatever" the officials and speed things up.

Cam't wait to see the Nena meets Kerwin pictures.