Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Good new and a lost tooth

Today was an all around good day. We found out this afternoon that our papers were signed out of the Justice Department and were already on their way to Foreign Affairs. To my knowledge this is the last step before going back into MOI to get approved for Kerwin's passport. We are still several big steps away but this is a place we've been held up for several weeks now so it's good to be out of there. From what I hear, Foreign Affairs should only be a one day stop so we are hoping to have our papers out of there tomorrow.

We had an adventurous day today. We went with the Yoders downtown to find a souvenir shop that I had been to once before but could not tell you how to get to. We had the street names of the intersection the store was on but we could not find them on the map. Turns out we were looking at the totally wrong part of the map and were pretty far away from the shop. Barb had offered to help us with directions if we needed so, she met us downtown and led us right to the shop. It's a great little shop that Barbara likes to take her people to. The prices are reasonable and marked right on everything. There is no haggling. Everyone enjoyed the shop and now the Yoders have it marked on their map so they can bring others when they have short term mission teams come down. After that we found our way out to the Epidor bakery and had lunch. This place serves American-style fast food and also has a huge variety of baked goods and desserts (sorry, Rachel, I forgot to take a picture of them). Unfortunately, most things look and sound a lot better than they actually taste and the process of getting all of your food is very frustrating. You end up waiting in one line to order, another to get your food, and yet another to get your drinks. Then you have to go to another to order your desserts and one more to pick them up. Heaven forbid you get a pizza or a sub sandwich, you may be there all day and it's extremely unlikely that you will end up with what you thought you were ordering. However, the food is somewhat like home and you can't beat the price. It's also really well air conditioned and they have great ice cream. Before coming back to the hotel, we made a stop at the supermarket to pick up a few groceries. We are so thankful for the Yoders. They have been such good friends in the short time that we have known them. And Steve did a great job today driving that 15-passenger van all up and down the narrow winding streets of Port-au-Prince.

We no sooner got back, put our groceries away and changed into our swimming suits when Kerwin starts wiggling a really loose tooth that I didn't even realize was loose. His top two front teeth have been slightly loose for a while now. But this bottom tooth was really loose and bleeding a little bit. Well he couldn't leave it alone so we went ahead and worked it on out. After chewing on a paper towel for a few minutes, he got a lollipop to help take his mind off the giant hole in his mouth and off we went to the pool. We put it under his pillow tonight so the tooth fairy can visit. How exciting that Kerwin is going to get to see how fun it is to loose a tooth.

While we were swimming tonight it got rather cloudy and rained a bit on and off. God gave us a beautiful rainbow in the sky for the longest time. I'm sure the picture doesn't do it justice but it really incredible. Thanks for all who are praying and praise God with us for the victory we had today and for the fact that we can trust our God to keep his promises.

p.s. The last picture is a self portrait


Anonymous said...

PRAISE THE LORD! He is who He says He is. He can do what He says He can do and He keeps His promises! I pray that these next few stages go by with miraculous speed and that you will be on your way home soon. I love you two.

Anonymous said...

Becky, I join in your thanksgiving and in your first "losing a tooth" mom experience. I rejoice to see your faithful walk with Him, and your patience when he chooses to tarry. You are learning your disciple lessons. Love and prayers, Marcia Burgess

Anonymous said...

The rainbow was no coincidence, you know. What a beautiful way for Him to tell you He is with you and working all things to your good because you love Him and are called according to His purpose.I pray that today the people in Foreign Affairs who think they are in charge of your papers will come under our Father's authority and will handle the paperwork with such speed and efficiency that even they are totally amazed and dumbfounded! And wouldn't we like to be a bug on the wall to witness that!!!

Waiting for more good, blessed news. And keeping on praying....


Anonymous said...

Praise God! The rainbow is His promise! You're almost home!
~Deb & Abby~

Kristin said...

What great news! I hope you continue this blog when you return because Drew and I are addicted to it! It is kind of like our own reality TV show : ) We can't wait to meet Kerwin in person because we feel like we already know him.