Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Another trip to the Baptist Mission

The first two pictures are from the trip up to the Baptist Mission. The second is Kerwin chilling by the pool and the third is his decoupage craft from today's Art class.

We had a really fun time yesterday. We went up to the Baptist Mission again. This time with our friends, the Yoders. Kerwin had a great time playing with boys and Mom and I enjoyed talking with Jackie and Steve. We had lunch, saw the animals, went to the bakery, Mom braved her way across the street to souvenir shop, and we finished the trip off with some ice cream. We stopped by the supermarket on the way home and picked up some groceries. The kids swam in the pool in the evening and then we ate dinner together up at the restaurant. We all had a nice time and Kerwin was worn out by the end of the night (and so were we). Whenever I go out anywhere here, I am so exhausted by the time I get back. I think it is mostly the heat but maybe I've just gotten used to a really relaxed pace here and the activity just feels different to me now.

Today we stayed home and did our usual things. We are learning "question words" in school this week. I feel like Kerwin already had a pretty good grasp on "who", "what", and "where". But he did not really know "when" yet and I'm going to wait a little while longer to tackle "why". Along with "where" we worked on prepositions and we worked on times of the day with "when." He's picking it up pretty quickly. One of my friends who is a speech therapist in the schools emailed me the curriculum benchmarks for kindergarten. I am so thankful for these. I didn't think I was going to have to be worried about keeping him on track academically because I thought we'd be home in time for him to start school with everyone else. However, now we will really have to work hard to keep on track because we are still learning sign language while we work on all these other goals. We are both doing our best and I think we are both doing pretty well.

Still waiting on news of the paperwork. I will update you when we hear something.


Anonymous said...

Kids love candles, don't they? Kerwin looks so proud of his art work.

Sounds like you had a full day....a real field trip, I'd say....And Grandma got to chaperone! I'm glad she got to see what you had been telling her about all these weeks.

Emailed with Rachel yesterday and she said she has class on Tuesday nights. Bummer. But hopefully she'll be able to come beginning in January.

We prayed for you 2 and Mike last night at Beloved Disciple and then again tonight at prayer meeting. So many people are asking the Lord for His blessing of freedom for you to come home. He hears and is answering.....I'm believing Him.


Randall and Emily Gray said...

Just wanted to drop you a line to let you know we are still thinking of you and Kerwin and we keep you in our prayers.

David seems pretty happy, but I know he is still overwhelmed. Despite being told repeadetly, he still asks "when are we going to America?" I cannot seem to convince him that we have been here in America for a week now!

The waiting is awful, I know, and once it is over there's no time to appreciate it, you just jump into the normal life with a child in tow. We have learned to rely on the strength and prayers of those who have gone before us. They know what to pray for when we don't. Rest assured, we've brought your name to them for prayers also!

Anonymous said...

Icontinue to be amazed by all that you are teaching our grandson in all things,His artistic creations are so wonderful to hear about each day.I just cannot wait to see him and take him to our wonderful zoo.Please know you are in the thoughts and prayers of so many from our church and work.Never underestimate the power of prayer.So happy Nena is there with you now.Love,Mom H.

Anonymous said...

Becky, you are a "beloved" disciple. Keep on staying close to Him, he will lead you home.
Marcia Burgess

Anonymous said...

Hello Rebecca,

Here a short message from The Netherlands. Following your blog daily.
I would like to ask you some questions, can you please send me an email at: ?