Sunday, September 2, 2007

On our own

Yesterday both adoptive families that were staying here left. One with their visa and one without. Today we said goodbye to Denny. He called us from Miami so we know he made it to the States. We swam this morning and played in the room this afternoon. Kerwin is really into making things out of pipe cleaners and then playing with them. Today we played pipe cleaner tennis, pipe cleaner basketball, and used our pipe cleaner laptop complete with earpiece and microphone. We are out of unused pipe cleaners but fortunately my mom is coming Thursday with a fresh supply. Until next time...


Anonymous said...

I ate dinner and played cards with your mom and dad at the Jaegers. It was fun. Your mom talked about all the things she needed to do before Thursday. I told her I could do some running around for her if she would give me a list.

I know it will be great for Kerwin to spend time with his grandma. Nena always keeps things hoping!!

Take care of yourselves.

Anonymous said...

Becky, be assured the Lord is keeping you on my mind and in my heart. I continue to pray the pray that never fails, "Thy will be done." Marcia Burgess

Anonymous said...


You are making the best of a bad situation (MOI)....good for you! You are staying occupied and educating Kerwin and remaining hopeful and strong knowing the Lord will come thru for you in His time. Guess you could look at it like a pregnancy, you are in the waiting mode BUT we don't want the 9 month wait! We are praying for your safety, creativity, strength, papers to be signed and released and your trip home to be soon....hopefully with your Mom! Yeah! You are touching many lives there and planting seeds that you aren't aware of. Have a good, busy, few days. I know you will enjoy having your Mom there. :>) Looking forward to seeing you both soon! We enjoyed having Mike and your parents over on Sunday evening for a cookout and cards. Church softball begins this Thursday. Go Team! Lots of new players this season.

love ya