Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Today's pictures

Kerwin posing with his pipe cleaner gun and headset


Anonymous said...

We are anxiously awaiting for good news too! I keep thinking maybe today will be the day...just like you...and that when I read the blog they will be heading home!!!! Yeah! Soon!!

We are still praying!!
See you all soon!
love ya

Anonymous said...

Hang in there honey. Mike will be there in 7 days if you don't get out sooner. I have been so busy since I got home, I have not had time to talk to Mom. If things drag on longer, she will be there I'm sure.
I'm glad Kerwin had a nice day today after his boring day at the MOI. I sent you an email earlier.

ChatterboxLS. said...

becky - he cracks me up with all the things he's making!!

lori (

Anonymous said...

Its a shame Kerwin never shows any expression. He face is just so lifeless.

JUST KIDDING! Good to see you two are having fun on your own. Love you.