Friday, September 14, 2007


Today's pictures are of Kerwin getting ready for swimming and Kerwin showing off his graph that we made today. We made a graph for Math class today measuring several objects around the room in Cheerios. Then we glued the Cheerios onto the graph. We learned the terms "longest, shortest, measure, and chart." Kerwin has really been on a roll today with his building. Today he has used pipe cleaners, kabob skewers, and popsicle sticks to make a variety of structures including a bed for his cowboy doll and a backpack.

We don't expect to receive any news on our paperwork until at least Tuesday. That is when they have said that it should be out of the Ministry of Justice which is where we've been for several weeks now. I do have some good news about another family here at the hotel. They are adopting three children and all three of their kids are now signed out of MOI and they are just waiting for their last passport. They went into MOI on May 23rd about one week after we went in. Hopefully we will not be far behind.


Anonymous said...

Please dear God let Tuesday be the Haake families day! You are so up beat and encouraging about others surly you will be rewarded this week. I shared your blog with a friend of a friend who just received word they'll be adopting twin boys from Russia. They leave Friday the 21st for the first of 3 trips to Russia before the boys come home with them.


Anonymous said...

Happy day!

It's nice to have some cooler weather right now. Upper 60's as a high today with a dip down in the 40's tonight. We got a little bit of rain that was so welcomed. Don is going to the UK-UL football game tonight. One day soon, Kerwin will be experiencing the UK crowds! A fan in the making, I would guess.

What a fun time with cheerios. Has he made a cheerio necklace/loop yet? String them on a shoestring and then have a snack later. Yum!

We are anticipating good news for Tuesday but will save our outburst of excitement for when we hear the answer! Looking forward to you guys being home and seeing you around the church, home and visiting.

Have a grand weekend!
love to all

Anonymous said...

Not to rub it in, but you missed the game of the decade. It was soooooo exciting. I can't believe we beat Louisville! I know that they are going to replay it we are going to try to get a tape for you.