Friday, September 7, 2007


The pictures show Kerwin in the "tent" that we made for our camping lesson and with his new blanket that Grandma brought him. He loves it.

By the time I got back to the room last night from writing the blog, Kerwin and Grandma were the best of friends. They had already unloaded all of her suitcases, put together a 100 piece puzzle, made glitter art, and gotten completely ready for bed. Kerwin was just glowing. He jumped up in my arms and was giving me hugs and kisses. How blessed I am to be part of a loving family. I'm literally watching Kerwin's trust, confidence, and joy increase as he grows to understand that he belongs in our family.

Today we had school, swam, watched a new Air Bud movie and played in the room. No news about our paperwork yet. I am afraid we are going into another weekend with no progress made. The weekends are so frustrating because you know absolutely nothing is being done on your papers. This is such a strange time of intese joy mixed with intense frustration. Please continue to remember us in your prayers. And pray too for Mike as I know he is missing us a great deal.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Rebecca and Kerwin,
Sounds like things are still the same at Visa Lodge! We made it home safely and have been very busy since. No time to rest! (unlike the visa lodge) We continue to pray for you and hope you get your papers out soon. don't you just hate those empty promises.
I won't give any positive advice because it doesn't help anyway sooooo
have fun swimming!
Randall David and Emily Gray