Sunday, September 9, 2007

Pipe cleaner creations

I don't know if I've written much about Kerwin's pipe cleaners. It started when my sister visited. On a whim she picked up some pipe cleaners at Walmart to bring down with her. Well, they became a huge hit. Kerwin loves to create elaborate models with them. But mostly, he likes to give them to me to make things for him. Sometimes he will ask for something outrageous and I tell him I can't make it. He gets mad at me but then lots of times he'll do it himself and he really ends up doing a good job. Like the other day, he saw a wheelbarrow in a book. I wouldn't attempt it so he made it by himself and it looks really good. Then we made a pickfork and hay to put in the wheelbarrow. He also love to collect the skewers that come with our kabobs at dinner. The other night he created a tripod with the skewers and the pipe cleaners. So naturally, we had to make a video camera to go on the tripod. Right now he is making full football gear including shoulder pads, helmet, and facemask. Who knows what he'll think of next.

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Anonymous said...

"What Do People Do All Day" was one of our kids' favorite books and now it is high on Stephen's list!! We still read the original copy. He loves to find Lowly Kerwin likes that, too.

We prayed for you at brunch, yesterday and will continue on Tuesday night.

About Kerwin and the pipe cleaners.....a budding engineer? architect? sculptor? builder? What we do know for sure is that God's plan for him is wonderful! And He's working on your papers.....