Tuesday, June 26, 2007

A visit from family

We mostly stayed around the mission today. Kerwin took a bath this morning and had a good time. He played Hungry, Hungry Hippos and Don't Break the Ice for the first time and loved them. Hungry, Hungry Hippos was great for practicing our counting. He's almost got all of the major colors now.

This afternoon was more exciting. Kerwin's birth mother came to visit which she does every week or so and this time she brought Kerwin's sister with her, whom I had never met before. Her name is Le' (pronounced Leah)and she if four years old. She is pictured above with Kerwin and alone. We only had an interpretor for a few minutes so that is all I learned. I told the mother that we still hadn't heard when we would be going to Port-au-Prince but I would let her know as soon as we found out. She and the birth father have to go with us to finalize the US portion of the adoption. We hung out for a while with the other kids from Heaven's Waiting Room. I also included some of their pictures as well.

Mary Julie is eating a mango from one of the trees at the mission. I have never been here during mango season so this is the first time I have experienced the mango craze. Everyday, the Heaven's Waiting Room kids come to sit outside under the trees and Rolgard, one of their caregivers, tries to knock down mangos from the trees to give to the kids. He's pretty good at it. He finds the ripe ones and then throws a ball up at them and they just fall down. People scramble for them when they fall. It is quite an ordeal. I have tried them and they are just so-so. They taste okay but they are really stringy and leave pieces between your teeth that require immediate dental floss. They're just not worth it to me so I would rather just let the ones who really like them have them.

It rained hard again tonight. One of the trips today had to be cancelled because of the road conditions and the height of the river (which you have to drive through). Tomorrow we will probably try to go out visiting again and I have a meeting in the morning with Kerwin's teachers and one of the missionaries to discuss starting a deaf ministry here at the mission. But more on that tommorrow. Have a great day.


Anonymous said...

I am glad that Kerwin,s mother came by. It makes me feel that she is still willing to cooperate with her part of the adoption process.
I am so worried about your hands. Of course I am praying for you and I am glad you got some steroid cream. When I was on an oral steroid, my hands were healed for the first time in 16 years. Remember? If you can get an oral steroid it may help as well.
Please get plenty of sleep as well.
It was so exciting hearing about your trip into the mountains and seeing the pictures brings it home to us. Life is hard there and we cannot begin to understand a people and their culture in our air conditioned homes. You are getting a clearer picture every day you spend there. This is why you were sent there and delayed in returning. The Lord is shaping your hearts to conform to his. You are seeing what he sees, knowing what he knows and learning to love those he loves.
I am anxious to see Kerwin but the date of your return rests in the hands of the Lord and I am content and at peace with His timing.
We will be leaving Grandmother's and Papa's house in a moment. We need to stop in at Mom's before we hit the road. I will be dropping Rick off in Morgantown for a meeting and will drive the rest of the way alone.
How precious that Kerwin's mother brought his sister. This is special. I'm not sure what to make of it but I only hope that her heart is changing and she too may come to know the Lord.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad that you all got the chance to meet Kerwin's sister. It sounds like some incredible things are happening down there. I wish so badly that I could be there to witness it. We had a great time in PA. Tyler learned to play Yatzee and royally kicked our buts on his first time. Three yatzees. Grandma and I almost lost our voices we had to do so much yelling. Surprisingly, Tyler did not join in. We have lots of pictures to send you. I have been so busy since we have been back. My acc final is NEXT thursday. I will be so glad when it's over. I will still have stats, but it is only two days a week. I sent you a huge email. Check it out. Love you guys.

Anonymous said...

We have been on the road so much that I haven't spent much time on the computer lately. I have been looking at your blogs and looking over Mom's shoulder as she has been writing. Tonight I am in Morgantown and there is a computer at the hotel, so I have a little more time to catch up. Joe is coming to meet me tonight and we will have a meeting near Pittsburgh tomorrow after which we will drive back to Lexington.
Mom and I have had a good time over the last few days. We enjoyed our visit with Victor's family and our time in NYC. Victor gave us a really good tour of the UN and we saw Battery Park, Ground Zero, and Times Square. Before we left yesterday morning, Victor and I ran 5 miles. Then we had a nice visit with Dot and Albert. We showed them pictures of Kerwin and Ukraine. Then we showed them how to access your blog. Mom dropped me off in Morgantown at about 4:00 and I did 5 miles on a treadmill, went to Bob Evans and TCBY. Now I am about ready for bed.
It sounds like you are having an interesting time. I hope the cream helps your hands. Of course, we are praying for you guys every day. Give Kerwin a hug for us. Hopefully, I can check in with you tomorrow morning before I leave the hotel.

Dad said...

Just got into New York. It's been a long day, but I have accomplished something: I've found another hotel in New York City that I will never go to again. First, I got lost and drove around Queens for about an hour, at two different times, I was within eyesight of the hotel, but drove past. Which is surprising since I'm pretty familiar with the area around Laguardia Airport (now I'm ever more familiar with it). I need to take some of the blame, but I did get some poor directions. Worst part, the hotel is not in a very good part of town so it was not easy to stop and ask for directions (again suprising because most of this area is very middle-America). Anyway, I've got internet access so I'm ready to work a few hours and take is easy for awhile.
Terrible storms in the area, some of the lower laying areas of Queens, by Coney Island, are flooding and they've had some power outages (hope not me).
Becky ===> Don't worry about the band. I'm mostly joking, but we may try to do something sometime. It may be best just to have the entire family join in (kind of like a Partridge Family only bigger and with no discernable talent).
The pictures were great, keep them coming. I'll write again when I get back to Kentucky.