Saturday, June 16, 2007

More cooking and soccer

I was back at it again today. It was biscuits and gravy in the morning, pigs in a blanket with green beans for lunch and tortilla soup with corn bread and applesauce for dinner. It is much easier to cook this weekend because we have so many more supplies. However, we have run out of salt which made a lot of things difficult. The tortilla soup was a big success and totally and experiment so that went well. Kerwin and Mike played with water guns again today. Kerwin also enjoyed playing Cariboo and looking at old pictures with one of the interns. She has pictures of a party that I set up for Kerwin's birthday. I couldn't be here at that time (February 18th is his birthday) but my friend was coming in to the mission at the beginning of March so I sent in a bunch of supplies to have a birthday party for him. Erin, the intern was here at the time so she had a lot of fun pictures from the party. Kerwin looked at them with her and named things in the pictures. He also enjoyed watching soccer today. The US team beat Panama. He has learned to say "missed" as in, he missed it, "soccer," "kick," and he puts his hands up in the air for GOOOOOAL. He also enjoyed running back and forth across the room between me and on of the interns. He also did a somersault on the carpet completely on his own. It was really cute. One more fun story from today. I am trying to teach him that not everything he finds should be picked up. We have been working on the words "trash" and "put that in the trash can." So today, I saw him on the ground messing with a dirty napkin that had been left behind. I gave him "the look" and he signed "trash" to me. I was very excited that he is getting the concept. It still doesn't keep him from examining the trash before he throws it away.

The next group comes in tomorrow. There are quite a few from Harrisburg, PA not far from where my extended family lives. There is also a group from Cincinnati and one from Georgia. There are about 30 people in all coming in. Tomorrow is church. One of the American missionaries is preaching tomorrow so at least we will know what's going on this week. Church is tough for Kerwin. It's hot and very boring. There was no children's church last Sunday. When I was here last, I taught children's church but nobody asked for volunteers this time. Pray for a good Sunday.


Anonymous said...

Hi Becky, Mike, and Kerwin! I'm so excited that you get to be a family. I will pray that your time together is fruitful, that you continue to grow and trust in the Lord, and that the adoption process moves quickly and smoothly in July!! I can't wait to meet your new son! :)

Anonymous said...

Sounds like things are going better. We had a pretty good day. I took Max for a long walk tonight. I took a plastic bag along with me and it was a good thing I did. Walking seems to keep Max regular. He saw another dog and he didn't growl but the hair on the back of his neck stood up. He seemed like he was looking for some action.

I put together an album of pictures from Ukraine today. We plan to visit Dot and Albert next week and Albert asked me to bring some pictures from Ukraine. I was going to do yard work but the grass is so crispy that there really isn't anything to mow.

Wish Mike a happy Fathers Day for us. We will miss not having you here tomorrow. I was told that I get to pick where we go for dinner. The financial arrangements will be the same as usual but at least I get to choose where we go.

Well, the dogs have just made their last trip outside for the night and it is time for bed.

Love and prayers,

Anonymous said...

Happy Fathers Day Coach Haake! Jordan and Cassandra played in a softball tournament at Cardinal Run, Slide into Summer. Both are doing very well, you would be proud. Last night Jordan got hit in the had and we are praying her pitching hand is not broken. A doctor looked at it last night and thinks it is just banged up but if not better we will have it x-rayed. This weekend we are traveling to Pigeon Forge for a softball tournament there and then heading to Florida for vacation.

Becky-when we were in Haiti it was so hard to not give everything you had to those poor people. They beg for everything you have and I know I felt so guilty. It is so hard to see how others live their life, we are so fortunate.

Hope the time passes quickly and you all will be home safe soon.

Haven't head from Dwayne on Brittany and the baby. I am assuming everything is okay. No new is good news, right?

Take care! ---Dinah

Anonymous said...

Hey guys!

Have a good time and I like the posting about the soccer game. As you can see this is a huge thing in Haiti. I had no idea football (American football) 'till my father in law explained it to me, though my wife cousin is a pro football player.

Guys be blessed!