Thursday, June 14, 2007

Much Better

Today was a much better day. Thanks everyone for the encouragement and the prayers. We could certainly feel them today. We had a fairly low key morning. We hung out for most of the morning in the Baby Orphanage. Kerwin likes it up there becuase they have a lot of new toys for him to peruse and there is a TV. We watched some DVD's and played some ball until lunch. In the afternoon we played even more ball and Kerwin did some activities from his preschool workbook. He was really proud of himself. He was matching colors and shapes and working the little mazes. He would get really excited when he would finish one. This afternoon, we took him with us and went to deliver food to the shut-ins in town. I had done this one or two times before but this was Mike's first time walking this route. You go down the mountain a bit from where the mission is right into down town St. Louis. From there you walk through the market and almost down to the beach and then come back again. It takes about 30 minutes but it is lightyears away from anything you've ever seen, smelled, or experienced before. I will try at some point to take pictures and post them but it's not fun to take your camera because you have to constantly turn down all the people who ask you for it or your watch or your earrings or your shoes. Kerwin was really interested throughout the whole walk. He looked around the whole time and would point to things he saw like goats and basketballs.

Tomorrow at 4:30 am the majority of the group is leaving. The only folks left will be us, the four interns, one missionary couple and the Haitian staff. It will be pretty quiet until the next group comes down on Sunday. One of the interns is a music education major and she is starting a band class with some of the fifth and sixth grade students from the school. I am going to try to help out with the group however I can. They are meeting three times a week over the summer in the mornings. I am going to go tomorrow and check it out.

Thanks again for the prayers. We are praying too and believing that God is who He says He is and He can do what He says He can do!


Anonymous said...

Icthus was fun tonight and surprisingly dry...too dry. There was dust everywhere! We watched Jars of Clay, David Crowder Band and Third Day. Whit gave us a few extra passes so Robyn and Kevin came too. Tyler's movie was up on the big screen. I believe with 20,000 people this was his biggest audience SO FAR. I was so proud of him. Dad will be famous! I'll email you some pictures and one of the sign interpreter. She was a hoot. She was more entertaining than Third Day. She was obviously the best, so they saved her for the best band. The passes we got are for the whole weekend so we will probably pop in and out. There was no traffic today. Dad really wants to see News Boys.

I found this activity book. I never got much use from it, but maybe it will serve you better. I plan to scan a bung of pages and email them to you as JPEGs. There are some decent ideas and the book is all about being earthy and using recycled and natural materials so it shouldn't require too much in the way of supplies.

I'm glad you had a better day today. I did too. Hope tomorrow is even better for you. Have fun with the music class. Has Mike fully recovered?
Love you all,

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad your Thursday was better. I'm glad you could take Kerwin to see his surroundings. How sad that he has not had the opportunity to see much of anything outside of the compound. Of course real life there is harsh and also sad but I'm sure it was a treat for him to just see live animals and such. I'm so glad you will get an opportunity to do some various things with the interns. I know has a purpose for you to spend this time there. It will all come to light in time.
Any news from Barb. Is she recovering OK?
Gotta go, I'm late for work!