Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to everyone (especially our dads). There are three dads here at the mission. Mike, Mike (the missionary) and Janeil. I am making a special Father's Day cake for tonight's dinner. We had pizza for lunch today. It was no Papa John's but it was pizza-ish. We went to church this morning and there was children's church. Even during the sermon Kerwin was not grumpy and he sat up and looked around. More answered prayers. We are having a good Father's Day so far. We are getting ready to watch a movie and we expect the new group in a few hours. Keriwn sat for a long time this morning and worked on his sticker book with me. Dads, write us and let us know what you did for Father's Day.


Anonymous said...

Have a Happy FIRST Fathers Day, Mike. Congratulations. Kerwin doesn't know just how blessed he is to have a dad like you. We love you guys.
Tyler and Rachel

Dad said...

It wasn't Father's Day, but it's a much better story: Last night your mom and I came home from the St Augustine Festival. I let the cats out (we have Aaron's cats for the weekend) and sat down to watch Saturday Night Live. Mrs. Bigglesworth kept going over to the fireplace and before long a bat comes out of the fireplace and starts flying between the family room and kitchen. Not wanting to lose sight of it, afraid the bat might hide and we wouldn't be able to find it, I improvised as best I could. So there I am, throwing couch pillows and stuffed animals at this bat flying in between the two rooms. Mrs. Bigglesworth has long since gone under the couch, Gizmo is standing on the couch trying to bat it down as it flies in and out of the family room and I'm yelling as loud as I can for Diane to stay upstairs. All along your mom, oblivious to the situation, is getting ready for bed. Having broken a few dishes and picture frames, the only thing I accomplished was to knock Gizmo off her perch and she joined Mrs. Bigglesworth under the couch. I decided I needed a new course of action and started swinging with the largest pillow I could find. Mike, you would have been proud, before stiking out, on the third swing I hit the bat across the room killing it. Or at least I thought it was dead until I tried picking it up and discovered it was only unconsious. Luckily, next to the bat was one of my weapons of mass destruction; a cute, button-eyed Boyd's bear with a purple dress and pink hat that I now affectionatly refer to as 'Attila the Merciless'. Attila and I finised off the job. Then I went upstairs. Your mom asked what was taking so long and wanted to be sure I put the cats to bed because she thought she hear something downstairs. I told everything was fine and go to bed.
Father's Day was pretty much down here from there.
Love, Dad.

Anonymous said...

Happy Father's Day Mike,
Look in Becky's Email. I sent a card. I hope you can open it!
I think Kerwin has passed a mile stone. A group left and you did not leave with them. This is different. This is special. A Dad who doesn't leave me!!!
OK signing off now. I gotta go cry.

Anonymous said...

Father's Day has been good. The only thing that would make it better would be having all three of you here. Today was Steve's first Sunday back from sabattical and he spoke about the Prodigal Son. Then we went to Regatta for dinner. The mahi-mahi was good. Rachel and Tyler got me a CD but it was one I already had. So, after dinner we went to Joseph Beth and they got me Allison Krauss' new CD. I followed that up with a nap on the recliner while I kept one eye half open to watch the US Open on TV. Tiger is trailing by 2 strokes. By the way, I golfed with Ron on Friday and I have a little glimmer of hope. Mediocrity may be attailable after all. And now I am writing to you while the dogs chew on each other's ears. Mom and I are both looking forward to going to PA on Wednesday. We haven't been there for a while. Now I'm heading back to the recliner for the end of the golf tournament.

Love you guys,

Rebecca said...

When is Max going to the Haake's?


P.S. If Max had been there he definitely would of helped catch the bat, not hide under the couch.

Mom H. said...

Dear Michael &Becky,Thinking so much about all of you as you celebrate your first Father's Day as parents.Just have patience & enjoy this bonding time together as a family.Your Dad & I took Grandma to church today for the first time since she broke her arm.We watched golf &Aaron came over for supper after work.Our thoughts are with you all we think of you often & cannot wait till we see you all again.We are going to pick up Max Mon.evening for his vacation with us,He'll be on bat patrol till we get the critter guy there.Hang in there & know how much we love you.You will be wonderful parents.Love,Mom H. p.s.We went to Chris Brown's wedding on Fri.It was beautiful & they are all so happy for you too.