Monday, June 18, 2007

Update and prayer request

Today was a long full day. I attended music class again with Erin,one of the interns. At 10:00 we went to VBS and stayed until lunch time. There were about 100 kids at the VBS. In the afternoon we rested and watched Toy Story 2. We played soccer around the mission for a while in the afternoon and went to deliver food down in the town again. After dinner, Mike and I played in a volleyball tournament. I will admit that it was probably the most unconventional volleyball tournament ever, but never the less, our team did win. We had very poor lighting, sketchy boundaries and several hazards like trees, walls, and bushes with thorns to contend with. Tomorrow a large part of the group will be leaving to go out to the Far West so it won't be quite as busy around the campus. We are looking forward to going to VBS several days this week. Tomorrow, Mike will be visiting the orphanage in Port-au-Paix. He has been checking out a lot of the different options available for ministry for when he leads the LCA group in next year.

We did want to ask for prayers. Our adoption process is currently waiting on Kerwin's Haitian passport to be processed and printed. We do not know the status of our application because of our liason being out of the country. However, we do know that the passport process for adopted children has all but ground to a halt. Please pray that the LEGALLY ADOPTED children will be able to get their passports so that they can go home with their parents. There are many like us who are waiting but many are not as lucky as us because they are not with their children. Please pray for this office to begin making quick progress with these adopted children's passports.


Anonymous said...

We saw your pictures on the NWHCM site. I'm glad you are busy and ministering and Kerwin is with you. We will pray. We want you back home.
Your car has been brought to our house. Max is in Florence. We are packing and will leave after work tomorrow for PA. Tyler has a job interview tomorrow with Star Bucks @ millpond.

Anonymous said...

Here is some light news. Rosie is being ask to audition to replace Bob Barker on the Price is Right. Yes, really. Julia Roberts and her husband had a baby boy. Paris is still in jail, day 17, I think. She says she is going to quit the dumb act and is a changed woman. Ellen won a daytime emmy for best talk show and talk show host.

Jared Carter reinjured his shoulder, unknown on if he will get to play (UK).

Still no rain. Everything is so dry. Today it is overcast so I am praying for some rain.

Still can't believe Rosie may replace Bob.....can't see it.


Rebecca said...

Thanks, Dinah. I didn't even know Julia Roberts was pregnant again. Where have I been. I can't imagine Paris losing the dumb act. And I'm not sure about Rosie either. I think the days of the Price is Right are going to go down with Bob.

Speaking of UK. We have a member of the UK football team on our trip. Last year he was a walkon freshman. His name is Eric McMonigle.

Thanks for the updates.

Dad said...

Max made it safely to his summer villa. We tried keeping him out of the bed room last night, that didn't go very well, Max likes having company so we all shared the same room. But everything went good. Max is a morning person and you know I am not so when Diane has to work later in the week, one of us will have to change (I don't think it will be Max). Took the day off today, our anniversery today. If you are not keeping track, it was thirty-one yeers ago today. We went out to lunch and spent a few hours in Eden Park, it's been several years since I've been there. A nice afternoon.
Love you all, Dad.

Anonymous said...

We are getting ready to hit the road to PA. We plan to drive part way tonight and arrive there tomorrow. Tomorrow evening we are going to take Grandmother and Papa out for dinner to celebrate their anniverary. Then on Thursday evening, Papa and I are going to see the new minor league baseball team in York.

It is finally raining here. Hopefully it will continue for awhile. I haven't been watering my tomatoes enough and they are about dead. We probably won't be on line too much until tomorrow evening. We will be in touch once we get to PA.


Anonymous said...

I'm on my way to the hospital. Amanda is having her baby! She had false labor and went to the hospital earlier this week, but it sounds like this is the real thing.
Love ya Guys,

PS. I am going to email you tonight. I contacted Jean-Robert Cadet. I will forward you his email.