Sunday, June 10, 2007

No more cooking!

The weekend is over and that means the Haitian cooks will be back to work tomorrow. Yeah! I am running out of decent things to make with the food that is here and I'm definitely tired of being in the kitchen. Mike had to watch Kerwin for most of the day by himself and he is not feeling well at all. Tonight he (Mike) had a temperature of 101. He is taking Tylenol and vitamins and staying hydrated. Pray that he will be well soon! Kerwin of course was as wild as ever today. He loves playing baseball and he seems to enjoy watching sports as well. I'll tell you what, this kid was handpicked to be a Haake. Today we watched Honduras play Mexico in soccer and yesterday Mike and Kerwins watched some kids playing basketball outside the mission gate. Kerwin loves to come and tell me what they have been doing. Oh yeah, back to the cooking. After I made dinner for about 20, we began to realize that the group that had been in the Far West was not going to make it back tonight because of a really bad rain storm they had out there. So, I put all the food away, cleaned up and went down to my room. We put Kerwin to bed and I had just taken a shower when I saw on of the guys from the Far West group. As it turns out they decided that they were going to come back tonight and they were exhausted and really hungry when they got back. They had a really aweful trip with trucks breaking down and wrecking and storms. So they were very happy to see the chicken and dumplins, corn pudding, and chocolate chip cookies. We were glad to see them as well. It's been kind of lonely around here without them.

We did hear from our liason for the adoption process. She is back in the states having surgery and she has said that she will be back to work on July 1st. So, it doesn't look like anything will be happening before then.

I'll try to take some more pictures tomorrow. I may even get crazy and try to do video. We'll see.


Anonymous said...


I got home from Ukraine shortly after 6:00 last evening. The trip went very well but it was good to be home. Max and Pete welcomed me when I got there. I hope Mike if feeling better soon.


Anonymous said...

Becky, Mike and Kerwin,
So sorry to hear about Mike. I will pray for him. I hope he gets well soon. What a hoot that you were cooking for so many for so long. I knew you had it in you! You just needed the right circumstances to bring out the Martha Stewart in you.
What a bummer that nothing will move until July 1. We miss you but it is so good to be in touch through the miracle of technology (computers). I know Kerwin is just loving all this personal attention. What a joy for you all to have each other.

Dad said...

Mike ===> Hope you are getting better. Make sure to let us know how you are doing. You know me, I'm the worrier, I even worry over spilt milk (or is that cry over spilt milk).

I also was hoping that you would get more info. before July, I'm sure it will not seem so long once it's over, and you are together which is the important thing.
Not much going on in Florida. I'm busy most of the day, but Mom has been able to catch up with friends. Don't feel too sorry for me, I'm playing golf tomorrow with a few administrators (it's tough work but someone has to do it).
Keep sending notes and pictures when you can.

Jamsie said...

Jamsie says...
It has been so hot here in Illinois that it feels like Haiti again! Mike, get better soon...those two need you. Becky, the mission is blessed to have you and your culinary skills! Kerwin, enjy the movies and games and your new family. Blessings to you three!