Tuesday, June 5, 2007

We're here in Haiti!

Hi everyone,

We are here safely in Haiti and everything is going well. The trip in yesterday went very smoothly. We arrive at the mission around 2 in the afternoon (they are one hour behind us right now even though they are further east). I was the first to see Kerwin as the bus had too many people to make it up the hill and Mike was one of those who had to walk the last couple hundred yards. Kerwin could sense that everyone was really excited and I think he knew that we were coming. We was very excited to see me and wanted me to take him out of Heaven's Waiting Room (HWR) immediately. We were on our way out when Mike got there and he recognized him and went to him right away. He is walking for longer distances without help but he falls down a lot. He has learned several signs while in school and will occasionally point to things things and tell me the sign. He uses some expressions like when he wants water or needs help. He is constantly on the go. He likes to just walk back and forth and look at what people are doing. He will sit down and play with you or do an activity but not for long. He had a great day with us yesterday and was very tired at night. When it was time for him to go to bed we had to go back to HWR to get his school clothes and to say goodnight so that the ladies knew that he was staying with us. He cried the whole way there. However, when he realized that he wasn't staying he got so excited. Then we went back to our room, put on pj's, brushed teeth, and got in bed. We looked at his picture book that Rachel and I made that shows what is going to happen as we leave here. He was very interested and wanted to sign all the people and things in the pictures. Then we said our prayers and turned out the light. It took him a little while to fall asleep because he was so wound up. He fell out of bed twice because he is used to sleeping in a bed with bars around it right on the ground. Mike had thought of this before we put him down so we put an extra mattress below his bed. I was so thankful he thought of that. The first time he fell he didn't even wake up. The second time he crawled over to me. He went to school today. This is his last week. That's about it for now. God's been good to us. We love being Kerwin's parents and he is ready to have a mom and dad. It is so wonderful to read all our your thoughts and prayers. And I wanted to tell my Bible Study women that when I got into our room and started getting things in order, I walked in the bathroom and on the wall were 3 pieces of paper with this written on them

1)God is who He says He is
2)God can do what he says He can do
3)I can do all things through Christ who give me strength

AMEN!!!!! I was so excited. Then I went into the room and was cleaning off the shelves. Up on the top shelf was a really big Sign Language book that hadn't been used in months. I had to drop to my knees and thank God right then. He is with us!!!!

On that note,
We hope to talk to you soon.

(Sorry, no pictures we couldn't get the computer to recognize our memory stick)


Don and Karen said...

Hello to all! So glad you made it safe and sound and are getting reacquainted as a family now! What joy to know that "God notes" were left in your room and then finding the sign language book on the shelf! I just had to smile and say "yes!" to that! What confirmation! We rejoice with you. Don is in India right now..doing fine, but tired. He will be please to know you are doing so well. We look forward to seeing you upon your return and reading your messages from time to time. Our prayers are with you! love you all.

Mom & Dad H. said...

Dear Michael &Becky,We first saw your picture of you three together on NWCM site.It is so wonderful to read about your first day .How proud & happy we are as you begin your life as a family.We can not wait to see our beautiful grandson!Love to you all,Mom & Dad H.

The Waggoners said...

Thanks for the update with all the details! That first night will be one you'll never forget. Looking forward to following your journey...

me said...

can't wait to hear more stories so keep 'em coming! ~ suck up as much haiti as you can & bring it home with you ~ praying for/with you all for bonding to be mighty with your little one ~ god's gooooood ~ praying your sign picks up & you all understand each other more than you even thought ~ from one 'signing mama' to another ~ be blessed!!

Dad said...

These blogs are cool, but now for the important stuff:

- I shot a 39 at Lakeview.
- Homer Bailey is pitching for the Reds Friday night.
- Battlestar Gallactica will only have one more season starting in January.
- No Bengal was arrested this week (but it's only Wednesday).
- Grandma and I went to Indiana. She won, I lost (I guess this really isn't news).
- Max Montoya fixed me a Pizza Sub today.
- Billy Donavan is back at Florida this week (but it's only Wednesday).

Jamsie said...

Dear family of THREE!
I was so happy to read that God blessed your trip and reunion with Kerwin! It was obvious that your first day and night were blessed events and positive for all. Continue to feel God's presence in Haiti.