Friday, June 29, 2007

Another full day

We don't really have any new news on the adoption process. We are continuing to get ready to go to Port-au-Prince on Tuesday. We will be leaving early in the morning and staying indefinitely.

Today was a good day. I will try to explain some of the pictures from today. One of the interpreters that works here is an excellent artist. We are having him paint a picture of Kerwin for us. I took a picture that shows the progress but I didn't post it because we want it to be a surprise for our family when we get home. So, you only get to see the artist at work. We also delivered food today and there are some pictures from downtown and the market. After delivering food, Kerwin and I got to go for a ride around town with Mike Grant on his four wheeler. Mike and his wife Teresa came in with us and are staying here as missionaries. We enjoyed the ride.

Last night we watched the US soccer team lose to Argentina in the America Cup. Kerwin helped me make brownies and then he served them to everyone. He had a blast: it was very sweet.

Kerwin is saying lots of cute things now with his sign language. Last night he said, "Mommy, water please." Kerwin wakes up slowly in the morning. One morning, Mike told him it was time to get up and he said, "No, it's time to sleep." This morning he told me to "turn off the lights," and rolled back over. His first attempt at a sentence was "Dinner eat time." He has changed so much since we got here even though it just seems like just yesterday.

The next group arrived today. They brought in a surprise present from sister. Thanks, Rachel. I will be cooking again this weekend. Hopefully my last.

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Anonymous said...

Becky, I loved the pictures on today's blog. I'm glad you got the present. We had a nice dinner with Mikes folks and ran into Rick's old adm. asst. Trish and her son and his wife. All lovely people but her son was at NWHCM twice and he was very interested in hearing about you. Also I gave Jennifer at work your blog address so she could give it to Heather who has been over there a few times as well. She has spent many hours with Jody and her children. Heather is returning home this week end for a short visit.
Work was busy on Thursday when I got back. Sue was glad to see me because it was pretty bad (busy bad) when I was gone. It was nice to get back to a normal schedule. I am glad your hands have improved. Continue to pray for the possible position for Tyler. As yet, no word from them.
Yeah, we finally have had a good rain shower or two. The yard is still a mess though.
Max is back and he and Pete picked up right where they left off with the "rough play" stuff. Pete missed him.
I think I will be singing down town for the July 4th festivities. I rec'd the info today in the mail and I think I will be available.
Our accomp. Jay Flippin had open heart surg. last week. A big surprise. He hopes to be able to go to Brazil next month with the singers, so he needs to heal quickly and completely.
Shawn Harlacher had a job interview at Penn State this week. I will write or call him tomorrow and see how it went. He has already been offered the position, they were mostly going up to try to decide if they were going to take it. Dawn is reluctant to move but I encouraged her to go. We loved it up there. Shawn will not be in a tenure track position. But it should be a stable position.
In one way the days drag on endlessly as I wait for your return, but in other ways the days fly by when I consider all the things I want to do before you arrive.
Be careful in Port-au-Prince. I hope Denny can go. He may be of help and there is safety in numbers.
Guess what, Tyler discovered he likes dried beef gravy. But I don't think I'll ever get him to sample Scrapple! Rick got back late last night. If the dogs let us, we are sleeping in tomorrow. It sounds like Kerwin likes to sleep late too. He is our kind of boy.