Sunday, June 24, 2007

The US takes the cup

So, the US won the Gold Cup today for those of you who are not following US soccer. It was pretty exciting. I didn't get to see a whole lot of the game because I was supervising in the kitchen. I say supervising because of the nurses forbade me to wear gloves any more after she saw my hands and there is no way I could handle food without wearing gloves with the condition of my hands. Please, please pray for my poor hands. I am so miserable because of them. It started out as fungal infection, turned into a bacterial infection which is now cleared up but I have open sores all over my hands and they hurt at rest and especially if something touches them. It even hurts to pick up Kerwin and do sign language properly. I decided against posting a nasty picture of them on the blog. (You're welcome, Tyler). But, because I couldn't work in the kitchen I got about 8 ladies that volunteered to come help. We had a blast, laughing and talking and ended up getting done about a half hour early. And dinner was great. We made the biggest pot of chicken tortilla soup ever. There was even some left over which all the missionaries put in containers to take back to their houses. It was a big hit and so were the brownies.

Kerwin had a fun day today. He found another kite and tried to fly it with one of his little buddies that he's found. They were unsuccessful but they had fun trying. He is still making strides in his language. Today he correctly asked me "Where's Daddy?" and he demonstrated understanding of the concepts same and different. He is still working on his colors and understanding when we ask him questions. That is probably mostly our fault because in ASL you indicate you are asking a question by your facial expression and we are probably not expressive enough visually. I made little color flashcards and we've turned it into a game to see who can name the color first and then we count how many we've gotten at the end. He loves to watch Sports Center with his daddy and we've found he also likes American Gladiators. He imitates the events and then pretends to talk into the microphone during the little interview parts. Very cute!

Tomorrow should be fairly busy. I am going to help out in the music class in the morning. Mike will go out with the pastor in the afternoon to visit the new mothers and pray with them. Two weeks after someone gives birth at the birthing center, the mission tries to go out and find them just to make contact, make sure everything is okay, and pray with them. It's a really great opportunity to get out in the villages and see where and how people live. Then in the afternoon we will deliver food again.

Still no word on a return date. Keep the notes and prayers coming for us. They are so appreciated. Take care


lori said...

love hearing about what all you're doing ~ will be praying for your hands as well so you can hug your little guy & not be in pain ~ please keep us posted & email directly if you ever want to


Anonymous said...

Becky, Mike and Kerwin,
Today we went to Battery Park and viewed the Statue of Liberty. Then, we went to ground zero and then met up with Victor. He gave us a tour of the UN building. We thought we might see a museum but there was not much time left and we had walked for miles in the hot and humid city streets and I was done in. So we went to time square and sat down in an Apple Bees and had some ice tea and spin dip. That revived me and we walked 6 or 7 blocks more to the train station and made our way back to Victors home.
We had dinner at a Japanese restaurant where they grill the food in front of you and throw things into the air. The guy was really good at it and the food actually tasted good as well. Little Leo thought that was pretty cool. He spent his first day at camp today and he was tired but he still was a ball of energy. I asked him to tell me what they did at camp and he wouldn't answer. He was just being stubborn. So, I asked him if he saw any monkies at camp and he said noooo. I asked if he swam in a lake with crocodiles and he started to giggle. I asked him if he rode any chickens and he laughed and said no. Then I stopped and he said "ask me what else we did at camp today". So of course I sent on and on with crazy things and everyone else joined in and started asking him silly questions.
Well that was pretty much my day except talking a few times with Rachel on the phone. I think Pete misses us something awful!
Tomorrow we head to Dot and Alberts in the afternoon. We have a little time to kill in the morning but we have not decided what we will do or where we will go.
I'm glad your hands are a little better. I had a thought. Are you getting enough rest? If you are not, please see to it that you get at least 8 hours sleep and more if you can. Also take some vitamins. Your body will heal faster if you do. If you can get some B complex vitamins take those.
We will go to York for the night (tomorrow) and stop at Grandma's house to pick up our Nell's meats before returning to Kentucky on Wednesday morning.
I will save the meats till you get home and we will have some wonderful dinners when you get back. Roast beef, ham loaf, etc.
I got some pre K work books for Kerwin today. Most of the things he will be able to do with a little "instruction".
I love you all!