Sunday, June 17, 2007

More from today

I keep forgetting to mention this and I finally thought of it while I'm here in front of the computer. If anyone wants to check out the Northwest Haiti Christian Mission's website, they post pictures of what the groups are doing every day. Sometimes we show up on there as well. There were some pictures of us from the last trip that was in and there will be new ones posted every night now that the next group is here. The website is:

We had a full and wonderful day today. I'd say our spirits are a little lighter these last few days. Kerwin has been making good progress. He sat with me twice today for almost 45 minutes and worked in his sticker book and preschool work book. He is copying signs and learning concepts like colors, counting, matching, same/different, and coloring in/drawing lines. He really enjoys the sticker book. That's about all for today. Tomorrow the groups start doing VBS here at the mission so we will definitely be taking that in. Talk to you later.

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