Saturday, June 9, 2007

Everybody's gone

Well the rest of the group went out to join the majority of the team in the "Far West" this morning. That left us, Jose, and a few of the Haitian staff at the mission. So I made lunch and dinner for the remaining folks. The choices were pretty limited but I made due (pigs in a blanket with country green beans for lunch and ham and cheese omlettes for dinner )and nobody complained. Kerwin is really enjoying riding the little red tricycle around the mission. Mike began to feel sick today but he took an asprin and slept for a few minutes and he is feeling a bit better. Other than that we are all well. We played in the water today. There really isn't a pool but we splashed around with the hose, wash tub, and cups. We watched Toy Story again. Mike and Kerwin watched some kids play basketball this afternoon and we are watching soccer on TV tonight. We did a load of laundry. It's nice to have clean smelling clothes again. Kerwins birth mother stopped by for a few minutes to hang out and watch him play. We didn't have an interpreter so we didn't talk much but she doesn' t talk much when we have an interpreter so it wasn't much different. I think she mainly wants to just watch us. That's about it for today. It was pretty quiet. We'll talk to you all soon.


Dad said...

Hi from Florida:
Mom and I traveled to Jacksonville today. We'll be here until Thursday (AAMVA conference). This should be my last long trip for awhile. I'm trying to keep travel to a minumum until you get back. I have to go to New York when I get back, but only for a day. Also may have to go to Baltimore, but not sure when. I'll continue to keep things open and even if I have a trip planned, should be able to cancel (reschedule) if needed.
Here's the sports report, not sure if you are getting access to news back home: Homer pitched pretty well (two runs in five innings) and the bullpen held on so that he got a win. Ryle girls lost to Scott County 1-0 on Friday. They had already won two games on Friday before that one and have to go through the loser's bracket. Just went on the KHSAA page and Ryle beat Scott today and it looks like Ryle won the first game of the finals but must beat Greenwood again for the championship. And the most important news story: Chad Johnson won the horse race (no kidding, he raced a horse at River Downs today).
We look forward to more stories and pictures. Hope you are home for good very soon.

Mom and Dad

Anonymous said...

Greenwood won the State. Ran into some folks who were at the game and they said if Scott County and Risle put an allstar team together, they could not beat Greenwood. Don't know the final score.

Jordan and Cassandra played in a tourney in Paris with the Bluegass Elite. They played 4 games today. Very tough. Jordan pitched the first game, 12 strikeouts, 1 walk we won 8-1. She pitched the 3rd game, did well. We just every ball right at someone. Lost 3-0 I think. We lost the other two games. Boy was it hot! I felt bad for the girls playing back to back in this heat. We are all sunburned.

Have not heard any news from Dwayne's family.

Take care!