Friday, June 8, 2007

Toy Story and Kites

Kerwin's two new things are Toy Story and kites. The first time he watched Toy Story he was pretty into it. But yesterday he watched it for the second time and he is watching it again right now. He has started acting things out like the characters and trying to tell us things about the movie. He loves Woody because he is so expresssive. He thinks the action is funny like jumping and falling and flying. He is really enthralled with it. The kids around here make kites out of plastic, sticks, rags, and thread. They fly extremely well and there is at least one at all times throughout the day. Kerwin loves to sit and watch them. Today we found a kite on the roof of Heaven's Waiting Room. We tried to fix it up and fly it but it was no use. We were pitiful. Hopefully, we will get a real kite when we get home and we will do better (P.S. If anyone is still thinking of gift ideas: kite, sunglasses)

Janeil (director of the mission) returned to Haiti yesterday which was great since he had been in the states with some serious complications from a bike accident. He also brought in the part to fix the generator so we are much more comfortable today. I actually woke up this morning and I was not sweating. Today was the last day of school. Still no word on when we're coming home. Keep the prayers coming!


Kristy said...

Mr. Haake!!!

I am so excited for you and your new family! God has been so good to you guys! I cant wait for you to bring him home. I will not be at LCA next year but i want to know when Anna Johnson is throwing your baby shower. Ha Ha Ha I hope you have a wonderful time in Hati! It sounds like things are doing great! If he likes Toy Story then you might want to try the movie Shrek or Finding Nemo. They have really expressive characters in them as well! Have a great rest of the summer! I hope you get to bring Kerwin home soon! You and your family are in my prayers!

In Him,

Anonymous said...

Hey guys! So glad to hear you're doing well! Give Kerwin a hug for me and keep that signing up! Sounds like he's picking everything up amazingly fast. He's already making his speech pathologist proud! So excited for you guys!

Paris is back in jail. Please don't worry too much about her.


Anonymous said...

You know, there is a kite festival in Georgetown every year at Cardome Center.

We know a little sign language, it is part of my 1 1/2 year old nephews speach therapy. I am going to brush up and be ready for Kerwin.

Our airconditioner blew up and it feels like Hati. Ha Ha
--Dinah Miller (Jordan's Mom)

Anonymous said...

With all this adoption talk going on I caught the adoption, I adopted half your wardrobe. Don't worry I haven't ruined anything yet. Tyler is filming a wedding tomorrow. It's for that guy that who went to Trinity Christian Acad. with me.

We went to Wal-mart and stocked up on shoes. I got a few larger sizes too. We also got some plastic food for his kitchen. They didn't have any kites. We didn't think we would ever get out of there, the lines were so long and our check-out guy wanted to discuss the life stories of everyone in line.
Tyler is pleased to hear that Kerwin is taking an interest in film! Roberto and the Rincon gang said hello.

Mom has been having trouble with her computer and her comments are going under old posts so make sure you check them.
Max is doing fine. He isn't to fat yet. I think he get bored sometimes. I'll get him some new toys.
Love you guys.

Jamsie said...

I will be eager to hear how Kerwin did in school with Fedner. Gosh! It is hard to believe that his first year is already finished. I surely do wish I culd be there to sign with you guys and marvel at his excitement of learning. Mike and you are wonderfu and I hope to meet you sometime in the states. Take care of that little guy, enjoy the cool showers and watch out for spiders! Please tell Janeil and Heather hello for me. God bless,

Anonymous said...

I finally got to a computer that works a little better. We saw some sights in Kiev today and will catch a plane out tomorrow morning at 6:45.

Your pictures are great. Kerwin looks really happy. Do you think you have been able to communicate to him yet what is going on? Have you shown him the book that you and Rachel made?


Rebecca said...

He's starting to get the book a little more. He understands that all of the pictures are about us. He names all the characters and activities on each page. He really likes the airplanes and the picture of him in the car seat. He is less interested in his room. But we think this may be because there is a picture of him asleep on that page and he doesn't want to go to bed right then. I'm not sure. But he likes the book and he is really protective of it. He knows that we are going to read it every night.

Love you,