Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Hot, homesick, but happy in Haiti

Here are a few pictures from today: Kerwin at VBS, Kerwin and daddy, and Kerwin cheesing after putting on his pajamas.

Today was a good day. We stayed fairly busy. Kerwin and Mike went to VBS, I stayed back and cleaned up our room, did some laundry and then read for about 30 minutes. I am reading a book that my mother-in-law loaned to me. It is a biography of Ruth Bell Graham. Which I now realize is rather timely. I just found out yesterday that she had died. Well, the book is great and I am really enjoying reading it. Thanks, mom.

We watched Toy Story as usual and did our stretches this afternoon. Mike and Kerwin played a very exciting game of hide and seek and run. It's almost like hide and seek only ther is no switching of roles. Mike always hide and then when Kerwin finds him, he laughs hysterically. Meanwhile, Mike gets up and runs and hides again. Repeat process.

We delivered food down in town today. Kerwin seems to tolerate this. I don't think it's his favorite thing to do, but he loves to look around and there is a lot to see. Tonight we taught him to play "Crazy Eights." He caught on pretty well and then got bored/sleepy. We'll have to try it again tomorrow. Hope you like the pictures.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad to see you are keeping busy. How is the PT going. Can you see any improvements? Does Kerwin hate it? Cute pictures as usual...

Rebecca said...

The PT is going okay. We only do it once or twice a day and all we do is stretching. He doesn't like it but he doesn't really hate it. I usually do it while he is watching a movie so he has something else to do while we are working. I don't think we will see a lot of improvements with the stretches. The PT said at this point, we are basically just trying to keep him from getting worse until we can get him home and evaluated.


Jamsie said...

hey you guys!

I love reading your accounts and was glad to read that Mike enjoyed a Happy Father's Day! Please give my love to Janeil and Heather, as well as Rolandm the interpreter. One of our good friends, Melissa Curtice, is there now, so give her a hello an hug. LOVE the photos and will continue to pray about the passport and heading home.
Continue to back in His love,

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the pictures. We really appreciate them. I just got back from visiting with Glenn. We played putt-putt and he beat me badly. This evening Papa and I are going to see the new minor league baseball team in York. They are called the Revolution and this is only about their 4th home game. Their stadium just got finished and they played almost the first half of the season on the road. I'll let you know how it was when I write tomorrow.

We were glad to hear that Barb is getting back to Haiti sooner than expected. I hope that means there will be a quickening of the pace. Keep us informed on the progess.

Love you guys,

Ben said...

i was watching the videos and thats awesome that kirwin can walk now all on his own! How long ago did he start that? and also, are those videos at your home?