Thursday, June 21, 2007

The US advances, but just barely

Here are some pictures from around the mission today and from Kerwin at VBS (coloring and playing volley ball). He did very well at VBS today. In fact, we had a really good day over all. He is learning to mind and he is a lot happier when he is not testing us on everything. He is improving his coloring skills: actually looking at the paper when he's coloring, not going crazy with the crayon, trying to color one object with one color, and he is making some progress on staying inside the lines but he still has a ways to go on that. He has been sitting with and watching the other kids coloring and has learned from them. He also made a basket with Mike's help. The story was about baby Moses in the basket.

He had quite a few babysitters today and had fun with them. Some of the younger teenage boys who are here were taking him for rides, swinging, and playing games with him. He also played more "hide and seek and run" with Mike.

Tonight we watched the US play Canada in the semifinals of the Gold Cup. It was intense. The US led the whole game. They were winning 2-0 at the half. Canada scored a goal midway through the second half; still not in bad shape. Then an American gets a red card and they have to play down a man. In the last minute of the stoppage time, a Canadian scores a goal but the official waves it off and calls offsides. On the replay, you can see that it shouldn't have been offsides and the goals should have counted sending the game to overtime. Never the less, we are on to the finals on Sunday. Enough with the sports reporting.

Thanks again for all the comments and emails. We are hoping to hear good news soon.

Some trust in chariots and some in horses, but we trust in the name of the LORD our God. Psalm 20:7


Peyton said...

Hi Mike and Becky, your mom (Nina) was telling me about all you both are doing for this beautiful child and I was just smitten. You two are just saints. I am so excited for you both and I hope and pray that you can get back to the states as soon as possible and your new life as a family. You both are being used by God to change this child's life and make the rest of us examine our own. Thanks for the inspiration I'll be praying for you!

-Peyton Fouts

Anonymous said...

We are at grandma's. The drive was just fine. It rained but only for a few minutes. Today we are going to run some errands. Nell's meats, Groceries. Wendy is in town. we may try to catch up with her. Jacob is probably going to come with us. Courtney left this morning for B-Ball camp at Lehigh. She came to see us last night since she will miss the party. Talk to ya later.

Anonymous said...

Yesterday I got up and went to the food bank with Mom. It is in the basement of Mom's church. We had a good number of people come through for clothes and many came for bread, bagels, pies, pita bread, muffins and buns all donated fresh from the many factories/bakeries. Penara bread donates home made wheat breads that are wonderful. They give every week and more than can be used so they take the excess to the York rescue mission that feeds homeless each day.
Mom and I sorted and arranged donated clothes. Then we went to lunch at Logans road house. As we were at the front waiting to be seated, three people came in costumes. One looked like a pretty wench from a pirate ship, another like a sailor from the pirate era and the third was the spitting image of Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Carribean. We turned and saw them entering the restaurant and it was such a delightful surprise. I said well look here, I didn't know we were getting dinner AND a show. The Jack Sparrow guy greeted us and sounded just like Johnny Depp. His mouth moved just like his and everything. I said what are you doing here, are you in a play or something? He said. We are here to drink beers m'lady. I laughed and said you look fabulous. He answered in character "I was just about to say the same thing about you."
They asked me what is good to eat here and I recommended the mesquite grilled chicken salad. Jack Sparrow asked, "do they serve beer with that m'lady? I laughed again and said they do if you order it. I said "Well you have just made my day, you look exactly like Johnny Depp". He tilted his head and said "How do you know that I'm not?"
They just had their lunch and left. Of course we couldn't get a waitress to serve us as they were all flocking around Jack Sparrow's table. It took 45 min. to get out salads and the manager had to bring it. We did not ask for free stuff and they didn't offer any.
Then we went to Mom's house and started a terrible scrabble game when the Lady from her church that runs the food bank popped in with 4 full sheet cakes for Mom's birthday party. This lady is Kesha's mom. Kesha is now about to graduated from college and doing well. Her Mom lived here in Dover.
Then we went in to Grandmother's house for supper and visited with her while Rick and Papa went to a baseball game. We returned to Mom's house around 10:00 PM and Courtney and Shirl popped in to say hello. They had been in town shopping for supplies as today Courtney leaves for college for Basket Ball Camps. She will not be here for the birthday party. They stayed till Rachel and Tyler arrived around Midnight.
I came back and to Grandmothers house and read more of Tylers screen play until about 1:30 AM. It is very suspenseful and good so far.
Today I am doing some shopping for birthday party supplies. Wendy is back home with the children. I hope to see them when I drop off the supplies today. The Party is Saturday at 4:00.
Thanks for the pictures notes and Emails. I love that Mike is playing hide and seek with Kerwin. I hope Barb arrives safely and I hope your days in Port-au-Prince are fun but few.
Give my love to Kerwin.

Anonymous said...

We had a nice time at the ballgame last night. The York team won 4-3. The new stadium is a lot like Applebee's Park only smaller. It is not finished yet but they completed enough so that the team can start playing home games. It is located right downtown next to the Codorus Creek. In fact, the team mascot is named "Down Town".

I don't have much planned for today. I wanted to check my email but couldn't get into the College of Engineering's web site for some reason. I think I will try to find a driving range this afternoon and go hit some balls. I will probably do some running around to help Mom get ready for the party tomorrow.

Keep the pictures coming. I will get back in touch later.


Dad said...

The big news of the day is we have rain. This is the first its rained in several weeks. The bad news is that it looks like I'll be cutting grass tomorrow.
Aaron and I played gold last night. Aaron shot a great round, bogies on the first and last holes and all Pars in between. Needless to say, Aaron continues to be the 'Al golfer.
Things mostly quiet. Max has long since settled in, even at night, which I thought might be a problem. He comes up and sleeps with us, the only time I hear him is when he sees his reflection in our bathroom mirror and let's us know about it (but that's only happened a few times). We'll be at Jake's graduation party tomorrow, I'm sure everyone will be asking about things.
Hope you hear something in the next couple of days, let us know.
Love, Dad

Anonymous said...

Hi Becky and Mike,
I am getting caught up on email stuff and read through all your entries to date. What a living testimony of the grace and mercy of the Lord! It's almost overwhelming....especially the part about the 3 statements on the bathroom wall and then the sign book. How much more could He being letting you know that He is with you every minute in every detail?! Praise Him!! Kerwin is such a beautiful child and it sounds like he is learning quickly and responding wonderfully. Her has the most expressive eyes and smile! Just like a light bulb! I'm encouraged by how well is is walking and getting about even with the falls. And all the signing and just seems like the Lord is blessing and blessing as he brings wholeness and health to Kerwin and makes you all a family. There must be some good reason why He is delaying your departure in Haiti....something He's saving for you there, or saving you from, here. Or maybe the actual trip itself is something that's very important. He knows. The past 2 Tuesdays have been awesome. 2 women have asked for special prayer....and we've prayed over them. The Spirit was so evident. The "play night" at Judy Metcalf's was so much fun! They have a zip line....a long one...and several women took rides. No, I did not!! Great fellowship. About 20 came. The not-good news is that Laura Harrington has lymphoma. She had a tumor removed and biopsied behind her eye. Initially, the doctor did not think it was malignant.In recovery she threw a blood clot that went to her brain. More surgery. Still on the ventilator and very short periods of being awake. When she is, she can write her name and seems to respond. As soon as she can have longer periods of being awake, they will start treatment for the tumor.
Please add your prayers with all
the prayers that are going to His throne for her. And for Dan and the girls. This is such a moment for the Lord to reveal Himself and make it crystal clear that "He is the Lord Who heals." (Ex. 15:26)We are in the midst of painting the office bedroom and getting some hardwood floors. It's nearly done, YEAAAAAAAA! Our son and family come the 2nd for the week. We'll celebrate July 4, and 3 birthdays with our bi-annual scavenger hunt! Gets bigger every year! I'm praying that you will see improvement every day with Kerwin's development and that your love for each other will grow and grow and grow. I pray that you will see the Lord and recognize GodStops and His wonderful blessings. Father, would you please cause the legal process to move along at the speed that is the best. We are trusting and believing You that You are in complete control of all people who have supposed power in this situation. In Jesus' name.
Sending you my prayers and much encouragement and love,

The Haakes said...

HI, We are all here at Jacob's graduation party and we're sharing pictures. Everyone wishes all of you were here, Kerwin would love the swimming pool. Keep sending pictures and we hope to see you real soon.