Thursday, June 7, 2007

Life in Haiti

We've been here three days and had electricity for one. Kerwin was in the middle of watching Toy Story when the computer died and there was no electricity to plug it into. The water went out this morning while I was soaped up. It did come back a few hours later but the power is still out. There is one little backup-backup-generator that is being used to keep the water going and the computers running. So, what else is new with us. Kerwin has been using the computer. We have a little educational CD-ROM that came with one of his books and he is learning to point, click, and drag. He is imitating lots of new signs and is making up some of his own. He is learning to call us mom and dad and to say please and thank you. He is beginning to try to tell us a lot more things using his signs. He enjoys playing baseball. He has a really good arm. We are working on the batting. There is no school today, it is some kind of holiday. Tomorrow is the last day of school for the year. We've been wanting to swim but the old pool is gone due to remodeling and the new one is not finished yet. Plus with the water scarcity it wouldn't really be a good idea. Kerwin is definitely over his fear of the dogs. He is now petting them and feeding them whenever he can.

Yesterday Mike went with some of the group to the island of Tortuga. They ride on little sail boats and he almost got sick (one little Haitian girl did) on the ride back. They did a VBS with the kids and then went swimming with them. He loved it all except for the boat ride.

Mom, my spider bite is healing fine. I haven't left the compound except to go to school so not much going on with me.

No word as to when we'll be back. We love the notes from home keep them coming.


Jennifer said...

I like his smile.

Anonymous said...

Hello Haake Family! Just checking in to see if you all made it to Haiti. Did you know that Coach Dwayne is a Grandpa? Brittany and Baby Cameron are doing okay. Both Coaches with growing families! Let me know Kerwins size so I can start embroidering his LCA gear. Travel softball starts this weekend so we will be at the ball field until August. Glad to hear you all made it safe. If you don't have a computer for Kerwin, I have one waiting here for you when you get back. Can't wait to meet your precious boy. He has some softball sisters to meet when he gets home.
----Dinah Miller

me said...

glad to hear you're all doing alright ~ still praying for you all!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad to hear you all are bonding and Kerwin is learning. I guess you heard about Kim Ryan. I'd like to go to the funeral and sit with the Beth Moore ladies, but I have class. Today was our first class and to my surprise, it is another 4 week. I don't understand. I thought all classes in the second session were 8 weeks. Yesterday was my first day back at Decor and You. It was fine. Everyone there was excited for you.
How are the shoes working for Kerwin? I saw he was wearing them in one of the pictures. I hope to soon take some pictures and email them to you. Tell Kerwin that Uncle Tyler and Aunt Rachel love him. Hope to hear from you again soon.

P.S. Paris Hilton started her sentence on Monday and was released today for "medical reasons". She wasn't eating. (newsflash...she never eats!)

Anonymous said...

Hey Haake I can't wait until I have Algebra II with you, Michael, Kelsey. Jessica and I can't wait until we can teach Kerwin all the things we know! Be careful and God Bless! --- Senorita Smoke aka Jordan Miller

Anonymous said...

Haake-If you start missing softball and want to checkout some of your girlies playing travel ball go to

for pics, scores, and more

Hi Becky! Hi Kerwin! We can't wait to meet you!

Rebecca said...

Hey Rachel,
The shoes are working great. He loves them. I have two size 11 with me but he is wearing throught the first one at a rapid rate. Will you please pick up a few more pairs for me before they stop selling them for the summer. The cheaper the better. They soles are more flexible. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

I now amd able to get a note into the current posting. Don't forget to look back at the older postings to see my notes. Alberto says Hi. And bring Kerwin in to see him.

Anonymous said...

Hi Folks. I am looking at the pictures and they are great. I am glad your spider bite is getting better. On July 2 I am going to a kids camp. I'm going to do chearleading and archery.
PS. I hope I don't hit a man or anything.
Ashley Mcgraw
(Your Mon's neighbor)